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It was a long day of preaching and answering many questions by the Master.
Toward the end of the day an ancient elder of the nearby village asked the
Master the following question.
” Master,”  he shouted above the multitude,
“Tell us of the Last Judgement.”
The Master replied,
” The Judgement Bench sits before the Gates of Heaven.
On this day Trillions of souls will stand before this bench.
The total of all the eternal souls that have been born and died in eternity.
The scales of judgement will be in the total hearts of all.
Each soul will stand before all in total recall of all the details,
of their lives on the physical earth.
No trespass will be hidden,
no hurt upon others forgotten,
but revealed to all,
to see, to feel within,
their own individual spirits.
The sincerity of one giving up themselves
to Jesus will also lay in the balance of judgement.
To those, that the scales of justice weigh
heavily against them,
the gates of hell will swallow them
for their last time to an eternity of suffering,
without the light of God before them.
To those, who died with repent on their lips,
to those who gave their lives to Christ in their lives,
with deeds of love and goodness,
to these,
the Gates will then open,
to an eternity of peace and joy.
So, it will be on that day,
that all will stand
before the Judgement Bench,”
so said the Master of my life,
on this day.

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