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The following Reblog comes from one of my favorite followers on my spiritfilled poetry site. It is not a casual read but a review several times of its contents. It renders a world view of what we can expect in 2014 which to say is very scary is an understandment.


Optimism is good and can often preserve sanity. However, excessive optimism led to disappointment in 2013 and worse seems likely in 2014.

There are plenty of clowns, many of them in Washington. They are funny in weird ways but the giggles they produce suggest derision rather than pleasure.


Political correctness = ideologically mandated conformity

A&E’s recent spasm of sanity was most likely due to its recognition of an impending reduction in its all-important bottom line. Accordingly, it decreed a temporary halt to that effort to mandate political correctness. It was only one battle and many more continue. What other forces of political correctness have decreed comparable halts? None of which I am aware. Demands for ideological conformity continue unabated lest the ideologically favored be offended with unpleasant — sometimes far worse than merely unpleasant — consequences. 

Multicultural aspects of political correctnes that cover for Islam are the most destructive, current…

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