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Commentary on poem dated February 9th, 2014:  The wonderful part of poetry, to my way of thinking is that in looking back at a previous work of my own, I can see more meaning in the content of the work.  On this poem, it deals with our own outlook on life and how it changes constantly.  In my case, it is how we all live in a state of denial when it comes to relationships.  Many times we attempt to make them “more than they really are in their individual worth and value to us personally.”  Only by moving forward in life with a more open mind, do we find many who claim to love us and care about us, really are being dishonest with us, as we are dishonest with ourselves in how we perceive them.
A singular line horizontally drawn.
Above a blue sky.
a deep ocean of blue.
Is it the end of the world
or the beginning of another?
Standing still
there is no answer.
Only by moving forward
do we realize there is more
beyond a singular line.
Are they not one
and the same?

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"Tears blocking my path"

“Tears blocking the sun of day”

I have walked through the waters of sorrow.
Tears blocking the sun of day
as I stumbled each step of the way.
My voice softened to a whisper of sound
in calling my Lord.
I am weary from pushing these feet
wanting to rest but cannot.
Was the answer I seek finally before me?
It was only when I finally gave up on me
and turned to thee
that the answer awaited me.
Only through sorrow and pain
can we know what Jesus gave us through His death.
Death of the mind
death of desire
death of worldly want.
Only then can we surrender to His will
and give up our own do we find Him
in the midst of eternal love.
A garment of light to carry us forward
so that we never will shed a tear again.  

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Taken morning of October 20th, 2012 on Cedar Creek Lake in Gun Barrel City, Texas from the rear of our Lakehome “Oz.”
Between the split of a second 
stood the truth of time.                                                                               
A moment held so lovingly
with the slightest touch
ever fleeting in its hold of light.
The answer to all of this
was so clear and without question.
Everything made sense
every pain defined
every love understood.
Where there once was blackness
there was now the white of light.
“Oh,” came the answer.
“This is why,” said my mind of creation.
If I could just hold this longer
just maybe
it would stay forever
this joy
this warmth
this sheer laughter of soul.
I embrace thee
Oh fear with courage
prayer and hope
for this is where I belong
in the very depth of your love
in this eternity called us.

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Boop behind bars!

Boop behind bars! (Photo credit: Avedon Sideshow)

Facebook logo

Facebook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a super senior surveying my landscape
I observed the educated ones feel that
a sheepskin replaces Wisdom
as a quality not to be coveted.
The young people who are in my life
feel the world owes them a pain-free life.
Respect for others
hard work
are qualities
rarely found
these days. 
Obesity is a sign of this disease of the mind.
Reality is lived out in the Boop tube
iphone, the ipad and Facebook.
Dreams are wonderful
according to these young people
as long as they do not involve
blood, sweat and tears.
I thank my Lord this day.
I thank him for the life
He has given me.
I especially thank Him
for the Wisdom
He has rendered me.

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