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I have been a concealed carrier and FFL holder for over 15 years. There is no doubt in my mind that with the crash of our ecomony in the latter half of 2014, many of us carry holders “will actually start carrying.” This is a great article on practicing continued safety with our licenses.

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If you read the headlines you may have seen the press this week on Kentucky State Representative Leslie Combs. Combs was responsible for a negligent discharge of her Ruger LCP pistol while in the Kentucky State Captiol Annex. She was unloading the pistol and did not follow the proper safety procedure – which is the typical procedure for any semi-auto handgun: 

  1. Remove the magazine
  2. Rack the slide
  3. Verify that the chamber is clear 

Instead of following those simple and repeatable safety protocols she chose to pull the trigger without clearing the chamber and the result was a negligent discharge. It didn’t take long for the #bullymoms to call for Combs’ resignation– it’s a bit surprising considering the fact that Combs is a Democrat, but this is a reminder of the endless determination that the Civilian Disarmament complex has to accomplish its goals. This is NOT a partisan issue. This incident…

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