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John J. Rigo’s name on the Veterans War Memorial in Mabank, Texas

John J. Rigo’s name on Veterans War Memorial in Mabank, Texas

As a senior, I know there is not unlimited time in my life to be in this world.  I believe we all want to leave some part of us in the world.  Something beside a tomb stone in a forgotten grave yard some place.  Perhaps the kind of grave yard where the tomb stone lays flat on the ground.  A place where huge grass cutting machines run across expanses of grass and weeds that sit among tomb stones. 

I am proud to say, there is a place marked for me.  It is a memorial of beauty in an East Texas town of Mabank.  The memorial is a salute to perhaps, some of the happinest days of my life.  It was my four years of active duty in the Air Force.  Knowing that this place exists where my name is among those who have served our country with honor, brings me a truly wonderful peace. 

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