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“It is not Guns that Kill, it is People” A prayer this day to protect our children in each household across the nation.  We need to take a closer look at bad parenting and violence of video games that damages the minds of our young people.

Texas Poetry


tears_of_sadnessSaint Michael, my Protector, I call on you in the Mighty Name of Jesus to Protect my Beloved,

from the Evil that the One,  of the claimed Cloth of Good, has brought upon our household.

Remove all powers from The Evil One and there covey of assistants that have brought a dark shadow across my Beloved. 

Let Evil One’s darkness be forever be removed from this moment to ever darken our home again.

Let my Beloves’ Goodly Spirit be renewed again by the Love of my Lord and His protection.

Thank You Jesus for letting the Mighty Michael stand in place in our home,

forever guarding us from this Evil,

to never hurt us again.

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