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“Oh where Oh where has my young bride gone?”

It was yesterday that I watched my bride from afar.
The scourging of aging was taking its toll upon her.
Her proud walk was no more as her bent back revealed itself.
Her bad hip showed pain upon her face
as she walked toward her shopping expedition.
Youthful exuberance replaced by tenuous time.
Oh where Oh where has my youthful bride gone.
Drawing skin upon a neck that use to be so smooth.
Lines of time upon a face that use to glow in youth’s dove.
A chest ravaged by two bouts of breast cancer.
Upon a stomach that use to be flat and smooth.
Oh where Oh where has my youthful bride gone.
Still there never will be no other for me.
Within her eyes lies the greatest beauty of my life.
My bride of Love for all eternity.

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