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Fear not in returning to the den of thy enemies,
the Lord is thy shield against all thy enemies.
The Lord has declared the destruction
of all those,
who curse you,
slander you,
plot against you,
and attempt to destroy you.
Return to the den of thy justice,
and tribulation in hand.
as justice is carried out,
as the heads of thy evil enemies,
roll beneath your feet. 

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The shining armour of light deflected evil this day.
Evil looked upon itself and reeled back in disgust of its own image.
The blade of right was swift and unseen by the evil ghost.
Spilled upon the dark mirrored floor was Evil’s own horror.
Rivers of corruption flowed from Evil’s heart,
To a place of darkness,
only known to it.
Where light will never enter,
and the pain of lonilness,
will forever be enduring.
Good has won this day.
Forever gaining strength,
to do battle,
another day.

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