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“Baby Rabbits Cannot Swim in Pools” copyright 2012 John J. Rigo, Texas’ Poet

My Baby Rabbit standing in front of home door to say “Thank You” this morning on June 14th 2012.

Updated January 31st, 2014:  I forgot I wrote this poem back in June of 2012.  Someone had clicked it on my blog site.  The home is now for sale and soon will be listed with DFW Realty.  In the reread I realized there are many messages here other than the life saved.  See if you can also find them, as I now found those messages this early morning.
It was both sad and latter became
a joyful blessing
when I found out
baby rabbits cannot swim in pools.
Yesterday I lost one baby rabbit in my pool
while happily I was able to save
a second baby rabbit
who jumped into my pool.
The first one I never saw enter the pool
it was too late to save her
when I saw her body floating in the water.
The second one shot pass me latter in the afternoon
while I was mowing my back yard.
She headed for the pool water.
I quickly grabbed my leaf scoop
and pulled her out of the water
before she went down for the count. 
I was filled with joy in seeing her
run happily to the golf course behind my home.
There is no greater joy
than saving a life
no matter how small it is.
Early the next morning
she was happily
eating grass in my yard.
She latter in the morning
came to my front door
to say “Thank You.”
Such is the same
in our lifepaths.
We cannot save all those
who cross our paths.
Still the one we save
can be
the most precious.

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