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Dreams of Revelations

Dreams of Revelations

I awoke this morning
with the warmth, taste, and smell of my dreams
still lingering upon my body.
My lips were still moving in formed words
of forgiveness, on my part
with a request for forgiveness of those
whose warmth I felt upon me.
I awoke with a joy
and a sadness,
beyond words to describe.
I felt the need to tell of this dream
this past night.
It was a dream of forgiveness
forgiveness of the past.
A rejoining of old loves
long gone from today
but not forgotten.
The joy of reuniting was pure
and without hurt.
The embraces were real.
The words of happiness real.
There was no bitterness
other than the sweetness of memories from the past.
We had long forgiven each other
for our past hurts.
Hurts rendered
by our own lacking of thought.
The joy of the moment
was all that was important.
I fought to hold on to those moments.
I did not want to let them go.
Moments of love, happiness
revisited from days past.
Is this what love and happiness is all about
in its reincarnation from the past?
Is this what the past-over in death
to another life, is all about?
A new life with forgiveness
behind us, and only joy before us?
If it is so, then I face death with hope and joy.
No longer will I have
the dark fear that use to follow me.
Thank you Lord
for giving me insight this day
from the visits of my night.
I face this new day
seeking new signs
of my Lord’s Love for me. 

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Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

The Seventy-First Valentine holiday of my life has passed.
Reaching this place in life gives one much to contemplate.
One becomes greatly aware that death is close to one’s door.
It is a time in my own life to review what has always been important to me.
This past Valentines’ day was especially lonely for me.
My closest friends of many years ago
are long death.
There is a loneliness in me that will not go away.
I recall fourteen years of my life.
It was a time of a former marriage.
I became overnight the step-father to three children
that no one else really wanted.
From age twenty-eight to forty-two
I worked very hard to support those children.
Two boys and a girl at ages six, eight and nine
when I married their mother.
Within a year of my marriage
I realized I had made a mistake.
I married the wrong woman.
My only thought was
“Who would care for these children?”
The eight and nine-year old were abandoned by their Father
when they were just babies. 
There was never any child support for any of them. 
I could not walk away from caring for them.
It was fourteen years later from the date
that I married their mother that I sought a divorce.
The boy and girl I took thru five and four years of college respectfully.
The girl who was the oldest was the “apple of my eye.”
She has been long death now.
Killed by a hit-and-run driver where she was a professor
on a college campus.
I have never hear from the two boys again.
As I look back at that time in my life
I do not ever recall having any of those three children
throwing their arms around my neck and simply telling me
Daddy, I Love You.” 
As I now think about my life
there have been many in my life
that I thought
maybe they loved me
but I never remember hearing those words
in quite that way.
As a sunset will come upon another Valentine Day
I now feel as I look over my life
of what in life
are the most important words of life
I now believe the three most important words in life are:
“I Love You.”

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Courtesy photo by Pat Dollins. Taken at Treasure Hunters Roadshow in Placerville.

I tried to think of a gift
that would be special to you.
A gift of treasure that would endure
thru the days of our lifes.
Would gold and jewels
things that could rust
and turn to dust
in the sands of time
be such a gift?
I think not
for the earth holds many trinkets from the ages.
Trinkets buried deeply in the earth
long forgotten of their purpose.
Forgotten of the song they held so long ago.
I give thee my words of my heart
that are enclosed within the eternity of my soul.
Eternity with such a gift
that will go beyond the decaying trinkets of the earth.
If it is God’s will that death should temporary seperate us
this gift shall be my seal of love
to clothe you in the light of my love
and carry you forward to the day
we shall meet again in the eternity that is before us.
It will be a place without pain
hurt or further sorrow for us.
A place where we shall again open the seal of my love.
A place where we will laugh again in joy each day
in the wonder of our love.

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Courtesy AngelsByEve.com

It was one of those days that nothing seemed to be going right.

My mind filled with racing thoughts

going different ways

Questions, questions with seemly no answers

as I pushed through the crowd

of wherever I was going.

Suddenly  in my own world

I looked up

and there you were

passing me ever so quickly.

The smile that you gave me took my breath away.

A stranger’s smile in a maddening world. 

There was such kindness in that smile of yours.

The warmest of feelings overcame me.

Peace and Joy was brought to my racing heart.

Long after you were gone

I tried to remember

what you looked like.

Were your eyes Blue or Brown?

All that remained in my mind’s eye

was the memory of that very special and endearing smile.

A smile that brought a smile to my own lips.

With a nod of my head

I gave thanks and appreciation

for this gift from a stranger.


Long after this time

a strange thought came to my mind.

Could angels be walking this earth

to remind each of us

that love can be

the gift of  the day? 


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Courtesy of Google Image search: Couple checking out their smart phones.

Courtesy of Google Image search: Couple checking out their smart phones.

Today I had lunch at my favorite Denny’s in Gun Barrel City, Texas.
After sitting down I could not help but notice
three different couples at their tables.
Each couple had a smart phone in their hands,
busily engaged in navigating.
As they played on their phones,
they so much as even looked at each other.
It was as each of them were on a date with the smart phone,
rather than each other.
What was so strange
they never even looked up
at each other
but were totally absorbed.  
It makes me wonder at times,
that when they go home,
they might be laying that smart phone
on their pillow. 
Perhaps when they go home,
they go to a family of little smart phones
with a smart phone meeting them
at the door with a wagging tail.
I wonder if they taught that smart phone
in how to fetch…..the paper? 

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Courtesy of focusorlando.org Many so called "Friends in Life are really wolves in Sheep's Clothing."  Beware of those "I Love You's from Friends.

Courtesy of focusorlando.org
Many so called “Friends in Life are really wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.” Beware of those “I Love You’s” from Friends.

Lately I have noticed more than ever
how often people use the words
“I Love You” more carelessly.
Simply sharing the words
in their minds makes them
feel good about themselves.
The words themselves should carry
more meaning in speaking them
than the reality of the real emotions
of the speaker.
When relating those words to another
it should also mean that “I am loyal to you.”
The words should relate that “I would never
say anything out of your presence about you,
that would be hurtful if said it to your face.”
Friendships should not be about gain
of one from another.
Friendships should be about
an “Honest” sharing of Love.
So on this day
of the few allotted to us
think carefully become using
the words “I Love You” to a friend.
The question here is
“Are you also worthy of Love?”  

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Courtesy of lightofheaven.com

Courtesy of lightofheaven.com

I awoke as from my normal sleep
I had died in the night while asleep.
I had no fear
I was at peace.
My spiritual body no longer had pain
That nagging toothache was gone
I still had a body of sorts
It was pure energy ever-growing.
My field of vision was three sixty
not just forward and to the side.
I could see all around me.
I was in a land of beauty
that my former body
would not have been able to tolerate
the radiance of its sheer beauty
would have crashed a physical body. 
From afar a white silvery figure approached
It was my Lord in robes of flowing enegy.
His spiritual hand reached for mine.
With a gentle tug
He remarked,
“Come….we are going Home.” 

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Courtesy of Favin.com

I kiss thee
with my heart
upon my lips.
My breath held
in anticipation
of the moment.
Held so long
afraid to take
that next breath.
for this magic
overtakes me
in this moment
forever locked
in your embrace.

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