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Joe passed away on February 12th, 2010.
It was after the record snow storm of February 2010.
The power went out in their home.
He and is wife, Christine were moving into temporary
quarters in the New Comfort Inn of Mabank, Texas
when he quietly passed on.
Joe would have been 81.
Joe was a sweet, loving and very kind man.
He loved McKinney, Texas.
Whenever he spoke of McKinney
his face took on a glow of peace,
his childhood, his friends, his memories
were many of those days in McKinney.
There was a deep longing in his voice
for some of those memories.
Some of those memories were with extreme joy,
while others seemed to carry regret.
As with all of us,
one could not have lived a full life
without a certain amount of regret.
I will miss Joe
and our talks,
when he sat down with us to visit
at the “Seasons” restaurant in Mabank, Texas.
Joe was proud of his wife Christine.
Joe loved Christine
with the deepest of love.
I myself, only have one regret
that I did not have more time
to know Joe Burton even more.
People like Joe are very special humans.
Sadly in this day and age
there are not enough
special people
to go around
for us all. 

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