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What the average Pastor does to his/her church members.

The Blessing was laid before you.
Yet you were too blinded by your own magnificence
to see the light at your very feet. 
You felt your knowledge was beyond
mere mortals.
Your high learning
only brought before your brain
a blindness of thought.
The Sender of the Blessing
lowered His head in shame of you.
Your ultimate goal of life
was to carry His name
with a great pride.
Now you carry a deep shame.
As each week passes
the absence of the blessing
becomes more clear to others.
Fingers are pointed to your back
whispers made in a hush
as you pass. 
The sins of your ignorance
has now become clear to others.
Let it be known
that I forgive you
as I forgive the dog
which mistakenly pisses
on my leg.
I forgive you
as I forgive the ant
that bits my hand.
By your own ignorance
you have brought us a great blessing.
In spite of your own hurtful
and ungodly nature toward me.
The love of my life,
has only grown more stronger.
In the loving bond we carry
in the face of the stupidity
that you so well displayed.
We now will be the greater guardians
in the future
of the many blessings
that have been given to us.
Be assured in the future
that these blessings
will never be yours again.
Quote by John J. RIgo, Texas’ Commentator and Poet:  “The Worse of Religious Hypocrites, can be found in Pastors, within their own churches.”

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