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Courtesy of Google Image search. "Memories in the stream of Eternity Never Die." copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Courtesy of Google Image search. “Memories in the stream of Eternity Never Die.” copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Thoughts of you caught me by surprise this morning.
Memories of you pulling at my heart.
Time has changed both of us.
We have both aged since those times
we were together as youthful lovers.
Never have I slept as good as I slept with you.
You and I were such a great fit in spooning.
Many times in taking a shower do I remember
we loved showering together
while laughing and loving each other
among dancing water drops.
Now in my current days
there is a comfort in knowing
in the eternal stream of eternity
we are still dancing
and loving each other
as we were then
so long ago.

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"Does True Love take an Eternity to Find?" copyright 2014, John J. Rigo.  Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

“Does True Love take an Eternity to Find?” copyright 2014, John J. Rigo. Picture courtesy of Google Image Search.

The thought came to me this evening.
Why does a woman find it so difficult
to accept a man she claims to love
as he is as a man. 
From my experience
it seems the embers of passion
die quickly.
Touch and kisses
turn quickly
to words that lack
encouragement and joy.
Why is that?
Could our eternal love
our soul mate
take many lifetimes
to find?
I am starting to believe
that is so.
Eternity seems so long
to find true love.

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Courtesy photo by Pat Dollins. Taken at Treasure Hunters Roadshow in Placerville.

In Memory of Jeanne Vaiden Irion of Cedar Creek Lake, Texas.  Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo.

In Memory of Jeanne Vaiden Irion of Cedar Creek Lake, Texas. Copyright 2014 John J. Rigo.

Commentary:  This poem is in memory of a grand lady, the Mother of one of my friends on Cedar Creek Lake in Texas, Jeffrey Irion, Attorney-at-Law.
“A Gift of Treasure” copyright 2008, John J. Rigo, upcoming poetry book, “Passion Amidst Apathy”
I tried to think of a gift
that would be special to you.
A gift of treasure that would endure
thru the days of our lifes.
Would gold and jewels
things that could rust
and turn to dust
in the sands of time
be such a gift?
I think not
for the earth holds many trinkets from the ages.
Trinkets buried deeply in the earth
long forgotten of their purpose.
Forgotten of the song they held so long ago.
I give thee my words of my heart
that are enclosed within the eternity of my soul.
Eternity with such a gift
that will go beyond the decaying trinkets of the earth.
If it is God’s will that death should temporary seperate us
this gift shall be my seal of love
to clothe you in the light of my love
and carry you forward to the day
we shall meet again in the eternity that is before us.
It will be a place without pain
hurt or further sorrow for us.
A place where we shall again open the seal of my love.
A place where we will laugh again in joy each day
in the wonder of our love.

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Courtesy of freerepublic.com
Commentary on September 25th, 2014:  I am reposting what seems to be a popular poem that I wrote regarding our President.  Earlier in the year while undergoing a medial procedure, my doctor and I shared our despise for President Obama.  Truthfully, I always choke up when I have to use the word “President” before Obama’s name.  If anyone in our history was not worthy of the title, Obama is surely the one.
My doctor is of course, an educated man but sadly lives in denial regarding the powers of Obama.  His take is that President Obama will never be impeached but is now “boxed in” and will not be able to bring any further harm to our country.
I tend to realize that this is the attitude of the majority of educated individuals that I come upon in my daily life.  There seems to be a trend where there is a lot of shouting and crying over the lying regime that Obama has put into place in our country but nothing is being accomplished by the Republican party, a party that has truly lost its way in leadership for our country. 
To my way of thinking reality will only set in when the majority of the white middle class of this country are herded into Federal “Care Camps” under Obama as they await the new gas chambers built by his administration.  When that day comes I will be dearly holding my American Flag and fighting to the death in an attempt to save my country from the tyranny of Obama. 
Somewhere along my journey
I stepped into a time machine.
I do not remember exactly when it happened.
I stepped forward in a strange land where a language
was spoken that did not sound like any tongue I knew.
The beings looked like me.
The planet seemed the same
but it was not.
There was a new god
in this land
in this dimension.
His name was Obama.
I looked closer at the eyes
of those about me.
Their was a strange blankness
in their eyes
an emptiness of spirit
I could not explain. 
I eagerly sought a sight of a flag pole
to see what land I might be in.
My eyes sought the Red, White and Blue.
Instead I looked with fright upon a flag
all to familiar from a past election.
It was the flag of Obama.
God did not save us.

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IMAG0041[1]From June of 1962 to June of 1963, I was a young sergeant in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Iceland, a NATO nation at the time.  My job responsibility was to be in charge and control of, with an associate who was a petty officer in the Navy, of all NATO Cosmic Top Secret material that came thru Iceland for various war plans.  It was a huge responsibility for a young man of twenty, who already served at that point three years of active duty service in the Air Force as an Administrative Specialist.

During the time I was stationed in Iceland for a year, the U.S. was in the mist of a cold war with Russia.  The Republic of Iceland did not have a defense force of their own.  They were an important part of NATO (North Alliance Treaty Organization).  The United States presence in Iceland consisted of U.S. forces of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard  and Marines, which changed the host command of the base every three years.  Even the Iceland Police did not carry guns.  It was told at the time that a dozen soldiers with machine guns could take over the whole island in a day, if it were not for the U.S. military presence on the island.

The importance of Iceland to the defense of the United States was very important at that time for many reasons, beside its membership in NATO.  First, Iceland represented the first line of radar of the drew line in protecting the United States from the direct bombing routes of Russian Bear bombers that carried nuclear weapons.  Second, it was a base that housed KC-97’s, Air Force refueling aircraft that services the B-52’s of SAC that flew daily missions of “possible no-return bombing missions” in flights toward Russia in its planned bombing routes. Thirdly, F-102 fighter jets were stationed there in order to intercept possible Russian bombers on their flies over the island toward the United States in the event of an attack on the United States. 

 It was during this period that the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred, the closest we ever came to date, to World War III, especially with my insight while being in command headquarters for NATO in Iceland.  During this time, NATO was truly a powerful force against any nation in the world that attacked or indicated attacks against any member of the NATO alliance. Today Iceland is still part of NATO even though by their own countries request in 2006 for the United States to remove its military base from their country.  Except for occasional training exercises by the various nations of NATO over Iceland, there is no military presence on the part of Iceland or other Defense forces in the world on the island. 

With NATO’s recent refusal to join the United States against its war on ISIS, it is my personal belief that now the NATO treaty is not worth the very paper that the NATO nations signed off on.  It is also my belief, because of this, the United States needs to withdrawn from NATO.  Additionally, this withdrawal from being part of worthless treaties should apply to the United Nations, which has become equally of no value in protecting the United States and maintaining world peace.

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"The New America under four and half years under Obama" picture courtesy of AP Rendered by John J. Rigo, Texas' Commentator

“The New America under six years under Obama,” picture courtesy of AP Rendered by John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator

Precious Freedoms
Freedoms that my Brothers
and my Sisters
died for on the battle fields
of America.
Let not these Freedoms
be wrenched from our bloody hands.
Stand with our Lord and Savior
against these souless Evils.
They are attempting to destroy
America’s holy land.
A land that I love.
Across this land
let our voices ring in one cry
above the roar of their falsehoods.
We will defend her to the death. 

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A New poem from Texas' Poet, John J. Rigo.  Picture courtesy of Google image search

A New poem from Texas’ Poet, John J. Rigo. Picture courtesy of Google image search

I watch you sleeping.
You are resting peacefully.
My thoughts turn to our time together.
I cannot imagine the last twenty-five years without you.
My heart is filled with such love for you.
In wanting to tell you how deep and true
my love for you really is……….
my heart is filled with
even more love for you……..
Tears fill my heart.
There are no words.
Just a smile
as you awake.

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Image courtesy of Google image search. Author unknown.

Image courtesy of Google image search. Author unknown.

Each moment I cling to
more precious than the last.
My eternity lies within
this very second.
Live not for tomorrow.
This is tomorrow.
It is all we may have.
See all about you.
Savor the taste.
Smell the air.
Recall at another
time and place
may not be ours.
So my Darling
in this kiss
is all that is important.

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“One of Seven Poems of “The Master’s Series of Poetry.”

On this day
the Master revealed
His greatest gift to mankind.
This gift was rendered on a mountain of stone
reflected on a setting sun
to a multitude of many
in one of the many lessons
given to multitudes in those years. 
The question
that came toward the end of that day
was, “ Master, what is the greatest gift
that God gives to all of us?”  asked the young
man in the multitude of that day.
The Master replied,
“The greatest gift that my Father gives to all
is the secret of Forgiveness.
In rendering forgiveness to ones self
and also forgiveness of others
does a sinner reveal
the keys to heaven
and the eternal Love of our Father.
Forgiveness assures the eternal love of the Father
and being in the arms of His Love forever.”
So said the Master of my life
on this day.

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Courtesy of focusorlando.org "Many claim to be God-fearing and loving" when truly they are but Evil in the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.  Rejoice in Evil being overcome in your life by the Love of Jesus and the Father.

Courtesy of focusorlando.org
“Many claim to be God-fearing and loving” when truly they are but Evil in the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Rejoice in Evil being overcome in your life by the Love of Jesus and the Father.

In speaking before the crowd this day
the Master spoke these words,
“Rejoice, in that Evil attempts to bring harm to you
for it is a sign that Evil is losing its battle against you.
Rejoice in knowing that with my power
Evil is being overcome in your life.”
In speaking the Master turned toward me
placed His hands upon my head and said,
“I Bless thee with all the glory, strength of the Father
knowing you are doing His work in serving Me.
Know my sons and daughters
that I Love you and Am with you.”  

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