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Commentary from  September 25th, 2014:  I am reposting what seems to be a popular poem that I wrote regarding our President.  Earlier in the year while undergoing a medial procedure, my doctor and I shared our despise for President Obama.  Truthfully, I always choke up when I have to use the word “President” before Obama’s name.  If anyone in our history was not worthy of the title, Obama is surely the one.
My doctor is of course, an educated man but sadly lives in denial regarding the powers of Obama.  His take is that President Obama will never be impeached but is now “boxed in” and will not be able to bring any further harm to our country.
I tend to realize that this is the attitude of the majority of educated individuals that I come upon in my daily life.  There seems to be a trend where there is a lot of shouting and crying over the lying regime that Obama has put into place in our country but nothing is being accomplished by the Republican party, a party that has truly lost its way in leadership for our country. 
To my way of thinking reality will only set in when the majority of the white middle class of this country are herded into Federal “Care Camps” under Obama as they await the new gas chambers built by his administration.  When that day comes I will be dearly holding my American Flag and fighting to the death in an attempt to save my country from the tyranny of Obama. 
Somewhere along my journey
I stepped into a time machine.
I do not remember exactly when it happened.
I stepped forward in a strange land where a language
was spoken that did not sound like any tongue I knew.
The beings looked like me.
The planet seemed the same
but it was not.
There was a new god
in this land
in this dimension.
His name was Obama.
I looked closer at the eyes
of those about me.
Their was a strange blankness
in their eyes
an emptiness of spirit
I could not explain. 
I eagerly sought a sight of a flag pole
to see what land I might be in.
My eyes sought the Red, White and Blue.
Instead I looked with fright upon a flag
all to familiar from a past election.
It was the flag of Obama.
God did not save us.

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"The Abuser" A Poem by John J. Rigo

“The Abuser” A Poem by John J. Rigo

Commentary for January 10th, 2015:  Much is said about spousal abuse, especially about husbands abusing their wives.  Rarely is addressed is a wife’s abusive behavior toward her husband, especially in the area of verbal abuse.  In my own life’s experience, nothing kills love quicker that the nasty and bitter tongue of a woman toward her man. 
Example of such behavior, is the wife, who just getting ready to turn over in bed at night, after the mandatory kiss, has to open her trap to make some criticism of her man before going to sleep. Sometimes, I start to actually believe that certain religions that treat woman like luggage, are truly on the right track! 
The words were hammered blows to my heart.
A stranger would dare not speak such words to me
crushing fists would they find
quickly pounding their bodies.
The slap of the glove upon their face
to face certain death on the field of honor.
The answer to your acts are simple enough
you are an abuser.
Your love of God and Jesus
but a front
a lie to all.
Deep within your heart lies hate
pouring on one who has loved you
beyond all others.
A faithful friend
you no longer are to me.
I have seen your soul.
It is dark
ridden with the shit of the world
upon your lips.
Oh where
oh where
did my love go.
You are without honor
or truth
in your declared love.

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Steely the night shown against iced blackness
with a white diamond star blazing in the heavens.
Hints of soft voices whispered in the wind.
The weary shepherds pushed forward on their staffs
looking forward to the comfort of their tents.
Beyond the hills the sky glowed.
A choir of voices was heard with a sweet clarity
the sound of bells vibrated among the sound of horns.
The animals spooked deaf to the commands of their masters.
The wind increased in its volume and strength.
The shepherds were filled with fear.
Light overshadowed the darkness
during the midst of night.
Within the light formed
the most beautiful soft
white and gold of human-like forms
shining against the sky.
The shepherd’s breath stopped in their throats.
Filled with excitement and happiness beyond their capacity to describe
their skin prickled.
Heavenly voices brought words to their ears
words singing of kindness
and anticipation to these men of the field.
The voices told of a special child that would
unlock the gates of fear and bring eternal love
to the future of the world.
This happened on a special night
a long long time ago. 




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I somehow lost Baby Jesus at Christmas.
I know they say Baby Jesus was born in September.
Still it never mattered to me.
Each Christmas I was filled with excitement of the news
of Baby Jesus’ birth.
That changed several years ago.
My family discovered a religion between Jewish
and something else.
They tend to make fun of the New Testament.
They say Jesus was just another man
like other famous men in the Bible.
I been a get alone in all of this.
Still in my heart
I know Baby Jesus came to save me.
Baby Jesus opened the gates of Heaven to all of us.
In my heart Baby Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
There was no Christmas tree at my home.
There were no lights upon my home.
No presents awaiting under a tree.
Still in my secret heart
I know Baby Jesus came for me.

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lightofheavenAs death comes closer to my door

my eyes, though weak, seem to become clearer

about what I see about me.

Something about the look of God’s creations

that I did not notice before now

In seeing this creation

a wonderment stops my breath.


Is it the sound of wind singing

that I had not noticed before now?

Is it the vastness of the night skies filled with a beauty

beyond words that I cannot describe?


I find myself noticing beauty in people

a beauty that before

I did not see.

I see beauty in the old, the sick

the visions that I used to turn away from seeing

but no longer do.

 I feel the pain and joy of other people

I used to not feel such things.

The laughter of a child

ringing like a heavenly bell,

pealing in a meadow

sounds in my ears.

Is this God’s way of saying

“Look at what you have missed earlier in your life?”

I am not sure

but I do know

now I have become more thankful.

More thankful each day

for the gifts God has given to me.


I seem to be getting closer to heaven each day.

I now know, what I see, hear and Feel

are all but a small part of what will be in God’s world.


I can only hope

that in this twilight of my life

I might become worthy

in the areas that I have been unworthy.

May I be worthy of the love and blessings

He has given me in this life.

Thank you God

for this day.


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Silver Star Winery of Texas Silver Star Farm and Ranch of Texas

Silver Star Winery of Texas
Silver Star Farm and Ranch of Texas

It is here before us, Christmas Day, another counting of our lives on this earth.  Over the last year my WordPress family of now a little over 449 followers, and now at 63,000 plus hits as of today, November 4th, 2014, have become more important in my life, than ever.  Within that select group is another special group of individuals, that I wish where with me this day, sitting at our dining room table this Christmas season. 

To each of you I render a special hug, and a heartfelt thanks for the many sharings via comments on my poetry work and personal view comments.  When the quality of your friends become many steps above the folks that you call you friend that are your reality friends, one truly knows then, they found the right place to be.  That place for me in my heart, is with my WordPress Family.  Blessings and peace to each of you in your future and our eternal lives together, with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

John J. Rigo and Linda Stewart-Rigo
Stewart-Rigo Winery formerly Silver Star Winery of Texas
Silver Star Farm and Ranch of Texas
12551 FM 2709
Eustace, Texas 75124

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Dreams of Revelations

Dreams of Revelations

I awoke this morning
with the warmth, taste, and smell of my dreams
still lingering upon my body.
My lips were still moving in formed words
of forgiveness, on my part
with a request for forgiveness of those
whose warmth I felt upon me.
I awoke with a joy
and a sadness,
beyond words to describe.
I felt the need to tell of this dream
this past night.
It was a dream of forgiveness
forgiveness of the past.
A rejoining of old loves
long gone from today
but not forgotten.
The joy of reuniting was pure
and without hurt.
The embraces were real.
The words of happiness real.
There was no bitterness
other than the sweetness of memories from the past.
We had long forgiven each other
for our past hurts.
Hurts rendered
by our own lacking of thought.
The joy of the moment
was all that was important.
I fought to hold on to those moments.
I did not want to let them go.
Moments of love, happiness
revisited from days past.
Is this what love and happiness is all about
in its reincarnation from the past?
Is this what the past-over in death
to another life, is all about?
A new life with forgiveness
behind us, and only joy before us?
If it is so, then I face death with hope and joy.
No longer will I have
the dark fear that use to follow me.
Thank you Lord
for giving me insight this day
from the visits of my night.
I face this new day
seeking new signs
of my Lord’s Love for me. 

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She stood naked before me in the bathroom.
Before me I can see her beauty
amidst the scars of her two battles.
Breast cancer
twice in a ten year period.
Her left breast was twisted almost inward.
The scar under her arm pit made her nipple
bend inward toward her chest wall.
Upon her right breast the burn was clearly seen.
It was where six weeks of radiation were done
in one week. 
The right side was caved inward in this area of burn.
Her nipple stood straight high and proud on this breast. 
This was the breast that the doctor suggested
that she also have chemo due to her second bout.
Her hair had long grown back from this terror
of a heart-wrenching attack on her entire body.
As she smiled at me
and kissed the top of my head.
I thanked my Lord
for putting this beautiful
and strong woman
in my life.   

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Commentary of October 10th, 2014:  My apology to my Followers.  October is Cancer Awareness Month and I am late in my postings of poetry work on the subject.  My Bride and beautiful wife is a “Two-Time Breast Cancer Survivor.”   She now is Cancer Free for Six years now.  The following poem is one I wrote when we were in the mist of her second bout.
I could see the sadness in her eyes
as each chunk of her golden hair came forth in her hand.
She placed her once shining, golden flax into a plastic bag
to be reminded of the beauty of her hair.
Her hair stylist assured her that baking soda
washed gently in her hair would prevent
the falling of her hair from her scalp.
In giving her this suggestion
the stylist refused to cut her hair shorter
in order to make her lost easier to bear.
The stylist was wrong.
Bear witness to the shining and blotched scalp
where beautiful golden hair once resided.
Nightmares of her past returned to her.
Remembrance of a childhood ring worm of her head
returned to haunt her again
of laughing classmates
finger-pointing to stocking capped head.
The Spector of Death upon a black chair
drove her to the decision
to move forward to this dreaded treatment.
Was the fear real
or made to fill the pockets of her doctors?
Payments for the Rolls convertible that sat
shiny and pale green in the doctor’s slot
of the cancer treatment center.
A large cow-like-barn room
where milking looking machines of death
pumped their questionable medicine into their hosts.
A winged angel of slow death
masked as an Angel of Life
to claim another possible victim
in its green flow of money from perhaps
its victims?
Dear God,
please protect
the one I love so dearly
from this possible
self-inflicted treatment.

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“Many times we must find and then lose Love to really appreciate it when finally finding it……. again.” quote John J. Rigo
Embrace your Youth.
The ticks of time move more quickly
than observed or counted. 
Embrace the Love of your Youth.
The embers lose their warmth and glow
more quickly than our memories will capture.
Embrace the Wisdom 
that is bestowed upon you.
It will carry you
through the dark days
before you.  
Curse not your regrets.
They are but markers along the road. 
Regrets render the opportunity
to seek forgiveness.
Embrace your Lord
with Love and Worship.
He will Bless you along the road
and to the final place
of His Love for you. 

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