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Why did it take this long
to discover how much I love you?
All those days and nights are gone now.
I could have shared that time with you more deeply than I did.
Kisses rendered with soul, instead of obligation.
Why did not share my fears with you?
Had I gotten to the place, that fear of being a fool,
was more important, than sharing my soul with you?
I say to you, my friend, remember this,
“If love sits next to you each day,
render to that love,
praise and appreciation each day.”
In so doing,
your days will not be filled with regrets,
as my days are now filled,
with spent sorrow.

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It was with deep sadness that I heard of the passing in the death of Nancy R. Bahrenburg, wife of Fred Bahrenburg.  In my memories of her in years passed she was a sweet and gentle woman.   Everytime she seen me she always hugged and kissed me, like a long lost sister.  I know she will be missed by many.  The following poem is dedicated to Fred her husband in that the following poem might bring him some measure of peace and comfort:

I will never be far away

no matter where you are.

My heart will always be with you.


Never will you have to seek

to find me

for I will always be

as close as your heart.


There is a special place for you and me.

A place that will never go away.

Where each day is made for you and me.


Each day

a part of an eternal string of pearls

as we love

and laugh through each setting sun.


Rising together

each morning with a song upon our lips.

Singing of our love for  one another

through this eternity

and all others

to follow.


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