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"It was a simple glass bottle........"

“It was a simple glass bottle……..”

It was a simple glass bottle,
that gave me a gift of song,
that day.
It was a beautiful sunny day,
on the waterfront side of my home.
With a fresh cold, iced beer,
I sat on the back porch.
The breeze was beautiful as diamonds of light,
sparkled off the water before me.
A curious thing happened as I slowly drank that beer.
The outside wind played through the empty part of the bottle. 
A song, like no other, played through the glass.
It was a haunting song of eons,
from another time.
As I drank more liquor from the bottle,
the song changed in pitch to a sweeter song.
It came to me at that moment,
that God‘s gifts to us are never ending.
In prayer,
I gave thanks to God,
for His gifts to me,
that day,
and the song of the bottle.

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