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The below Commentary has now become a reality as of last night November 6th , 2012 when Obama won a second term.  Read on and weep, for once was, a great nation.

Over the last three plus years under the Obama kingship rule, I have visited personally with many individuals on a one-to-one basis regarding their perception of the future of United States.  What I have found is that everyone is terrified of the future for the next ten years, regardless of who wins the elections of November of 2012.  When I say “everyone” let me clarify my statement, my communication has been with individuals in a range of 45 to seniors of my age (70).

The greatest fear by all these individuals comes in the thought that Obama might be reelected.  King Obama and his henchmen have done an adequate job so far in destroying the United States, as we know it today.  The damage to our country by just his one term in office will take at least a decade to overcome.

Obama has effectively brought the county to the very edge of bankruptcy.  A second term of Obama will turn the United States into a lower-end third world country; an event that would place our us over the economic cliff edge; there would be no return for us.  The win of Romney will place us on a path that will take the Republican administration more than one term to set us back on a positive course as a nation. 

At this point, many of my friends and associates are preparing for a future time where riots will be common day occurrences.  A crime wave that will overcome every law enforcement agency within the United States borders.  Many individuals that have never thought of owning a gun are now taking concealed carry license classes.  Many of these same individuals are buying home defense weapons such as shotguns and higher calibre weapons.  In these cases, larger inventories of ammunition seems to be a concern to many of them. 

The other evening my wife and I discussed facing a future without our Social Security checks, and our long-awaited retirement check from the company that we worked for over a twenty-eight year period in the insurance business.  We discussed our survival based only on our savings.

We have also discussed the possibilities that credit cards will no longer function in this new society before us.  A society where cash will be king, and no longer will credit be extended.  We discussed a government that was so broke and no longer be able to print money, that Social Security checks would no longer be sent.  This will be a time when the millions who depend on food stamps will no longer be getting them.  Those of us that are prudent are storing away canned goods that might last up to six months to prepare for the days ahead, when food will no longer be available on shelves, or become so high-priced that one will not be able to afford such. 

When one discusses that we now have a nation where fifty percent of the population is paying for the other fifty percent who do not pay taxes, what happens when the other fifty percent can no longer afford to pay the other half! If this country is blessed enough in Obama losing reelection, there will be difficult decisions ahead to turn this grim tide around.  One, will be to make any citizen born in this country since the time of the Johnson administration, who parents were not citizens, to automatically lose their U.S. Citizenship.  The other hard choice would be to cut literally in half all employees of the U.S. government.  Does this so far seem drastic?  Folks we “are” in drastic times!

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