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Courtesy  of jesussaves.com

Courtesy of jesussaves.com

My journey has been a long one
in the practice of my religious beliefs.
My start was born and raised as a Catholic.
I left the religion at age 22 due to a divorce
from a childhood sweetheart.
My journey continued
to the Baptist faith
the Methodist faith
the Presbyterian faith
to finally a little hole in wall
church in Tool Texas
called the “Olive Branch”
where the organizers claimed to be Messianic.
Slowly over time it was discovered
that the organizers of the church were false
to new members in their belief system.
They were actually Karaite Jews
who look upon Jesus as a fable. 
In their lie to new members
it was their plan to convert
those to their religion
who came into their mist.
Through this journey
my faith in My Lord and Savior
became even stronger.
I left their church
in the road trash they were
far behind me.
I was blessed in learning
the secret to eternal life
by these experiences.
Only by giving ourselves
up entirely to the Will and Plan
of Jesus Christ for us
will we be given the blessings of this life
and the eternal life before us. 
Insight:  It was along this journey
that I discovered a book I did not know.
It was called the Bible.
Each Saturday my wife and I
spent an average of two hours
reading from the new and old Testament.
A book it seems the Catholic religion
never hear of when I was a young man.
Following is a reading from Psalms I (1)
that we read this past Saturday.
It speaks of the Word
I meditate on each day:
“Happy the man who follows not
      the counsel of the wicked
Nor walks in the way of sinners,
      nor sits in the company of the
But delights in the law of the Lord
      and meditates on his law day and

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