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“The gift is ourselves” line from poem, Amidst Series of Poetry Books by John J. Rigo

Negative thoughts destroying one’s body.
I have seen the results of this in my own life.
I have seen it in my own past
as well as many loved ones in my own life. 
A constant stream of fear
feeding one’s mind each day.
Fearful thoughts
which are a constant companion.
Our God given computers
in the physical mind 
is a wonderful gift.
Our minds will program
any stream
whether good or bad for us
in our daily stream of thoughts.
Let your spiritual mind
which is your true being
take charge of the programming
of your physical mind. 
In so doing
with the Grace of our Lord
will you find a long life
as well as a life of joy.
It is our Lord’s desire
for each of us to live
a long healthy
and properous life

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