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Courtesy of funonline.in

Courtesy of funonline.in


It was a movie I was watching.
The man was coming home.
He set his bags to side of the door
picked up a bicycle laying on the ground
before entering his home.
Though the door his family greeted him.
His wife running up to him
throwing her arms around his neck.
Next to her were his two children
a boy and girl about ages 6 and 7.
The scene brought a choking cry
in my throat in a deep realization.
My life was without children of my own.
I could not control the flowing tears
that slide down my cheeks silently
while my wife was involved in her computer.
So my dear reader
if your life is the man entering this door
be ever so thankful for the blessings
that are in your life.
This is one who would trade
places with you in a second.

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