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Should an individual be allowed to be a bigot in private?  Picture courtesy of Google Image search.

Should an individual be allowed to be a bigot in private? Picture courtesy of Google Image search.

What happened to Donald Sterling is Unconstitutional in my opinion: http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/donald-sterling-punishment-clippers-lifetime-ban-fine-racist-comments-adam-silver-042914#livefyre

This represents a total violation of Mr. Sterling’s Constitutional Rights.  I am personally outraged that an individual who had a “private conversation” recorded without permission to the recording party has been exposed to this outrage.  Could this be a form of revenge by the Obama administration because this individual was not a supporter of Obama? Mr. Sterling is a registered Republican and has given modest sums of donations to the Democratic Party. It is my hope and prayer that Mr. Sterling will sue the NBA for ten Billion dollars and win.

I felt it necessary to return to this posting and further clarify my position.  First, it is my opinion if Mr. Sterling had made these statements in a “Public Forum” he would have deserved anything that the NBA wanted to dish out to him. 

As for me, I born and raised in Harlem, Manhattan in New York City.  My closest friend was a black young man by the name of Richard Taylor up until I went into the Air Force at age 17. 

In my forty plus years residency in McKinney, Texas, I finally supported not one, but two black woman who ran for the city of McKinney City Council.  Sadly they both lost, even though they were the most qualified for those City Council positions.  I am not a racist, nor a bigot, but feel strongly that our privacy under the Constitution should be protected at all costs. 

It may be also noted that three well know figures in the political world made racist and bigot-type remarks in a “Public Forum” and need to be removed from public office with also huge fines.  Joe Biden calling Obama, “Clean and articulate.”  A Harry Reid public statement about Obama having, “No Negro Dialect.”  John Kerry calling Israel an “Apartheid” state.  Note: As of today, April 30th, the Obama Media Control Machine went into full force in attempting to fully destroy Mr. Sterling in any way possible.  Why, the Democratic Party is now flexing its Media machine to overcome its billions of dollars in lost taxes in its folly of putting Obama care in force prior to the November elections of this year.  Stuffed ballot boxes and  deceit in the  media are the parties’ keys to success for Obama. 

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