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This is another one of my faithful followers who is on the top of the list of my faithful followers on my poetry WordPress Blog. Since my own wife is a two-time breast cancer survivor, the writer has much to say about overcoming and dealing with Cancer. Worth a read if you or someone is also dealing with this dreaded sickness.

cancer killing recipe

I got no internet yet. I’m waiting. I’m posting this from my friend’s house in a snowstorm. I have to work 7 days a week but sometimes I can go out for a few hours! GREAT!!!
You see I told the old lady (she’s 20 years older than me, so she’s old – I’m not 🙂 ) and I told her relatives during the interview that internet is very important to me. And I will pay for it. But they were very slow with helping me to get connected. They probably thought there is no rush, why can be so important for an average older woman, housekeeper, to get internet? They don’t know that I’m not average. I never was and I am not planning to be an average never 🙂 How could I explain to those people that I am not only housekeeper but also wordpress queen of inspiration…

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