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It has been a quiet Thanksgiving.  My wife and I got food poisoning several days ago.  We are still trying to get over it.  Early this morning, my wife fixed a Thanksgiving dinner for one of her brothers, and took another dinner to her sisters’ home who received four hours at home from a rest home where she is attempting to heal from two broken ankles.

Earlier today, as I sat at our kitchen table with my bride, her brother, my mind traveled to a wish this day.  I have been with WordPress for sometime now.  I am blessed with a little over a hundred followers.  I have no doubt, some are those that are just curious about me and my poetry and sometimes commentaries are of little value to them.  I am sure some may be enemies hoping to find some posting that they could use in some negative way against me, while there are others who have truly found peace in some of my poetry work.

My thoughts centered more around a dozen individuals of that hundred mark.  Of that dozen, there is hardly a day of postings goes by that they are there with encouraging comments on my work.  Many times in those comments they share their own experiences in  relationship to the poem or commentary.  My wish this day was that I could have been at a Thanksgiving table with these twelve.  What a joy it would have been to have shared their laughter, their hugs, their love.  Know this Thanksgiving Day my friends, my heart is with all of you.

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