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Proposed Cover for my third non-profit poetry book.

I have been with WordPress with their free blog program for over five years.  My current blog, a poetry blog is my second posting with WordPress.  To date I have over 27,000 hits and 84 followers. 

In the beginning of my relationship with WordPress, I do not recall “Like” buttons or “follower programs.”  My interaction consisted of such with comments submitted.  I was not aware at the time, that a blog poster on WordPress could limit comments only to those WordPress members with blogs of their own. 

With my first poetry blog (which eventually got up to 25,000 posts at the time) I found many comments critical of my Christian religious beliefs.  I know I had the ability to delete such comments from being posted on my prior WordPress site, yet the intensity was such that I cancelled that first WordPress site.

On my second bout with WordPress, I cannot relate how wonderful and great my experience has become with WordPress.  The “Like” button gives me great satisfaction in knowing immediately which of my posts hit a cord with my readers.  My site as well as my two published books from 2005 are non-profit.  Any profits from my poetry work go to serve the “Homeless Cause in Texas.” 

My greatest gift with WordPress has been my “Followers” to date.  The immediate comment responses have become an important part of my day in my interaction with WordPress members.  I now think of many of my “Followers” as family members.  No where else can anyone find a finer group of members in any social type network.  Thank you WordPress for creating such an opportunity to have an important part of my life.

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