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After all this time
my mind still turns to you.
Our love embers still burning
in the halls of my memories of you.
Still reaching for the feel of you
next to me.
The sweet smell of you
the sound of your sleeping breath
bringing peace to my aching soul.
Where ever you may be this morning
know out there in the cold cold night
there is one who loves you
beyond all that is precious to me.
After all this time
I still love you.   

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Courtesy of guardian.co.uk

If I could create the perfect poem
my poem would remove sorrow from the world.
It would bring smiles where there were tears.
Mend broken hearts and return love again.
The perfect poem 
would replace all loneliness
with the Joy of God’s Love.
Friends would never be lost again
but be eternal in their friendships with us.
Each day would start with the songs of birds.
Each night would end with the sighs of night.
Every soul would find God
and never again be separated from His Love.
Every kiss would be with true love
and never of betrayal.
The Devil would be finally destroyed by God.
We would all reign in Paradise in the mist of joy

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Courtesy of tatoodonkey.com

I recalled this memory.
I was five or six
it was the middle of morning
when I hear my Mother moaning
in the lowest of voices
as to not wake my Brother or me.
“Please John, don’t hit me again.”
“Please don’t hurt me.”
Please….Please, you are hurting me.”
It has been sixty-five years
since that memory.
Still every once in a while
that memory returns
to haunt my very soul.
My Father came in late that night.
He had been drinking.

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The Light of Knowledge Can Overcome Depression.

Today in our American Society the single most deadly disease is Depression.  In over a half century this disease of the mind is still a mystery to the medical profession.  Many famous men and woman through the centuries have had this disease and  overcame it, while others, learned to live with it on a daily basis.

Many times in just having the ability to share your story, is the first step in overcoming this disease.  Keeping this disease at bay can also be accomplished by this approach.  If you are one who is currently dealing with depression, had overcome depression, or currently dealing with it on a day-to-day basis, I wish to share your story on my WordPress Blog site. 

Whether you wish to identify yourself or wish not to is an option that is yours.  Send me your stories to share.  In so doing many on the internet that are in a dark place, without seemly the hope of light, will find such light in reading your story.  Whether your sharing is in a poetry format or story format, each will be acceptable for publication on this blog site. 

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The realization brought a choking to my throat.

My eyes swelled in tears.

The realization came to me fully

that I will never be loved like that again.


The youthful memory of having a woman look at me like that again.

The reflection of a hero in her eyes.

Reflected also in the shining armor of a knight.


Ah sweet memories

if only the taste of those kisses

could return again,

would I know again

the joy of love.

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One day

We will walk the path of light.

Unsure if our Lord will be pleased with us.


Will we be met with an embrace of Love

or will we see disappointment in the Face of our Saviour?


Least we forget the gifts of our Lord.

Will we be judged

on how we shared His gifts?

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This will be the Seventh Valentine holiday of my life.
Reaching this place in life gives one much to contemplate.
One becomes greatly aware that death is close to one’s door.
It is a time in my own life to review what has always been important to me.
This coming Valentine day is especially lonely for me.
My closest friends of many years ago
are long death.
There is a loneliness in me that will not go away.
I recall fourteen years of my life.
It was a time of a former marriage.
I became overnight the step-father to three children
that no one else really wanted.
From age twenty-eight to forty-two
I worked very hard to support those children.
Two boys and a girl at ages six, eight and nine
when I married their mother.
Within a year of my marriage
I realized I had made a mistake.
I married the wrong woman.
My only thought was
“Who would care for these children?”
The eight and nine-year old were abandoned by their Father
when they were just babies. 
There was never any child support for any of them. 
I could not walk away from caring for them.
It was fourteen years later from the date
that I married their mother that I sought a divorce.
The boy and girl I took thru five and four years of college respectfully.
The girl who was the oldest was the “apple of my eye.”
She has been long death now.
Killed by a hit-and-run driver where she was a professor
on a college campus.
I have never hear from the two boys again.
As I look back at that time in my life
I do not ever recall having any of those three children
throwing their arms around my neck and simply telling me
“Daddy, I Love You.” 
As I now think about my life
there have been many in my life
that I thought
maybe they loved me
but I never remember hearing those words
in quite that way.
As a sunset will come upon another Valentine Day
I now feel as I look over my life
of what in life
are the most important words of life
I now believe the three most important words in life are:
“I Love You.”

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Within me lies the hope
that you are out there
waiting for me
as I wait for you.
Days of sparkling laughter
between us
yet to be ours.
Days and nights of love and passion
still awaiting our meeting.
Hasten time.
It all goes by too quickly.
The time left to us
as I await
for my partner
of hope
and laughter.

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What could be more important in this life

than knowing you truly made a difference?

Knowing you brought love to others

encouragement to others

laughter and joy to others

especially when darkness was about in their lives. 

What could be more important

than sharing the wonderful news of the Love of the Lord

for us all?

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A Winter Scene from Cooperstown, N. Y.

Last year was a visit to the Carrol Clinic in Dallas.
My back and hip had been hurting me for some time.
The findings were not good.
A Class Four hip.
A crack in my spine bone.
Two disks in my spine fused together.
I knew when it happened.
A fall over ten years ago while attempting to trim a tree
in our front yard.
The fall at that time resulted in nine staples in my head
and eventual surgery on my knee.
The other injuries laid in wait.
My future in enjoying the rest of my life was in doubt
with the activities I enjoyed so much in my past.
 My mind went back to Cooperstown in upstate New York.
I was sixteen and working the summer on a dairy farm.
It was part of the “Fresh Air Program” of New York City for young men.
I remembered the rolling hay wagon.
Throwing ninety pound bales of hay
eight tiers high on the wagon.
I remembered the muscles in my arms
my strong thin waist
with a tan equal to a black man.
We worked hard that Summer.
It was the “Haying Season.”
The work went fourteen hours a day
seven days a week for two and half months.
Looking back now
I now realize how really happy I was
each of those summer days in Cooperstown.  

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