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January 11th, 2015  Commentary on “Depression” as a US National Illness:  Here we are at the time of the year where depression is ever-increasing to many at this time of the beginning of a new year.  Christmas is behind us and the future seems one of doom and gloom to middle class America.
Before us stands two more years of a President in Obama, who refuses to work with the Republican party in its efforts to bring the country back from the edge of the abyss. More taxes ahead.  More threats from the world-wide terrorist to the US homeland with a harsh reality of multi-9/11 attacks in 2015, with thousands dying. All the while with a President who seems to reach further out to them in a hand of friendship. 
Our only hope as a nation is that thru prayer, we as a nation will regain the favor and blessings of the Creator in saving our country.  Prayer which is there for each of us, in saving each of us, in our own lives.
I have been where you are
a hell of loneliness and despair.
Had I created this place in my past
as you are now
where I was once?
I ask myself what pains cross your mind
as this day of many comes to you?
Do you hunger?
Are you without sleep?
The night only brings fear for your life.
Are you without anyone who cares
where you are this day?
Are you missed?
I too have been where you are.
From ashes of the mind did thou raise me
from a pit of worldly hell.
It was not my talents of mind
nor spirit that lead me from this dark world.
It was my prayers.
You never failed to hear me
when I cried out to you.
When I tried to end this life
you spoke gently to me
asking me to be patient
and wait one more day.
One day lead to another.
Finally the sun began to shine again
in your blessings and your love for me.
Thank you Lord
for giving hope to the hopeless
as you gave to me.
Thank you Lord
for loving me when I was without love.
Yea Lord without your grace
would I now be lost.  

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