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1.  Take Control of Media

2. De-Arm the Population


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"Hence my Lord, it is not my will that I follow, but thy Will for the purpose of my life."

“Hence my Lord, it is not my will that I follow, but Thy Will for the purpose of my life.”

I stand with courage in the shadow of my Lord.
The Lord blesses me with His Love.
The Lord protects me from those
who attempt to bring me harm.
His justice surpasses any justice
man can render their enemies.
My enemies are fools.
As the fallen Angel thought of himself as a God,
he believed his own strength exceeded the Lord.
He shivers in fear before the Light of the Lord.
I kneel in homage and praise of my Lord’s Name
with humble thanks for His timely justice.

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It is a sense of spirit
that I behold in surveying my land.
It is a spirit that I never beheld before.
It is the beauty of the land
stretching out before me
in endless sky
and gentle brezzes
that touch my face. 
Looking Southwest from our back porch in Eustace, Texas on FM Road 2709.

Looking Southwest from our back porch in Eustace, Texas on FM Road 2709.

I am now away from a city
I no longer love 
which only offers within itself
heart retching noise
and endless waste. 
My new country home is
a place called Eustace, Texas.
It is a sense of peace of spirit
that now abounds
around me each day
upon these twenty-nine acres. 
Welcome to East Texas
A preview and slice of heaven
of where my heart now lies. 

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“Parked in Doctor’s Slot at Cancer Treatment Center”

She is a two-time breast cancer survivor.
This dreaded disease lingers over her life each day.
Now in her senior years
she faces the lost of dear friends each day.
Each death of a friend by cancer brings back the fear to her.
Each similar pain suffered by cancer 
when shared by those who passed on
brings the horror that this may be a return
of the dark horror.
Her anger with the medical profession increases each day.
Billions of dollars have been spent in research over the years
yet the treatments are as backward as cave times.
Parked in the Doctors Slot of the cancer treatment center
is a Rolls Silver Cloud Convertible.
Its shiny green color
speaks of the monies that were drained from her body
as the fluid of death was put into her veins.
Cannot this horror of death
be destroyed
that takes us from our loved ones?

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Courtesy of lomography.com

“Commentary updated January 26th, 2013.  It is with joy in praises of the Lord that I render happiness in being joined by my two sisters of the heart in their revelations of the dark corners of my town.  Blessings this day to Lorene and Holly, my sisters of my heart.”
Thru Seventy years of life on this world
there has been a few lessons of life
that were difficult to learn.
Knowing the difference
between true friendships and Fair Weather Friends
was one of the hardest lessons of all.
In  discovering that vast difference in friendships
I believe we live in a form of self-denial
in realizing the differences.
I am now painfully aware
that the best friends I ever had
are now long dead.
Thank you Lord
for being to me
the friend that no other is.
As my Father once related to me
“One could live a lifetime and be able to count
the true friends they would have had
on one hand.”
I have been blessed in my lifetime
to have had two of those real friends
with now my Lord
as my constant Third. 

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Courtesy of umazzing.com

As of January 15th, 2013, the “Texas’ Poetry Site” reached another milestone of 35,000 plus hits.  My deepest thanks and appreciation to the WordPress family, and all those who share my spiritual poetry work, as well as my Texas’ Commentary posts regarding my community, Texas and the Nation. 

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"Preparing For the Crash of the U.S. under Obama"Our New Home/Farm in Eustace, Texas

“Preparing For the Crash of the U.S. under Obama”
Our New Home/Farm in Eustace, Texas

First Picture taken pf waterview from lakehome on January 11th, 2012 at 7 a.m. from Northwood Shores on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas.  Second picture taken of our new farm in Eustace, Texas on January 14th, 2013 at 5:40 p.m. Copyright 2012 by John J. Rigo

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Courtesy of dreamingmom.blogspot.com

Courtesy of dreamingmom.blogspot.com

Lord, Bless this day.
Bless me.
Weaken my enemies.
Render me Strength
Render me Courage
Render me Wisdom
to follow your Will.
May I be pleasing to You
in rendering Your Word to others.

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“A Gathering of Buzzards in the midst of sheep”


It was a small community health club
in Gun Barrel City in East Texas
where they met
these men of “The Clothe.”
The meeting was twice a week.
A gathering of buzzards
discussing their frightened flock of sheep.
They discussed the personal lives of their church members
amidst laughter as if they were young girls in a locker room.
They spoke of the mental depression
the illnesses
and the marriage break-up’s of their charges
within their churches.
Upon hearing of a transfer of one of their members to another’s church
there was even more loud and boastful laughter among these men.
There was no subject regarding their charges
that was too personal
and too confidential
for them to discuss among themselves.
Faithful church members
were nothing more
than chess pieces on a board
to these men.
Jesus wept.

Famous Quote: “There is no more dangerous experiment than that of undertaking to be one thing before a man’s face, and another behind his back.”………….General Robert E. Lee (1807-1872)

Benjamin Franklin Saying: “All that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

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Our Beloved "Mickey" the oldest of our two pets.

Our Beloved “Mickey” the oldest of our two pets.

Today we lost our Beloved Pets.
Mickey was the oldest of our two blue and gold parrots.
He was seventy-one in human years.
We had Mickey for over twenty-four years.
Minnie was fifty in human years.
We had her for over seventeen years.
We loved these two bird dearly.
They were our beloved family.
They were irreplaceable in our hearts.
The accident was tragic.
They were on their bird stands in our great room.
It was our lake home on Cedar Creek Lake in Texas.
We had the new electric stove for a short while.
The night before my wife fixed a pecan pie for friends.
It was a New Years party and the home of our friends.
The pie boiled and overflowed in the oven.
This morning with the birds in room
my wife turned on the “self-clean” feature.
The “self-clean” feature had never been engaged before.
Within an hour the birds acted strangely
like they could not breath.
We rushed them both to the front
porch while they were grasping for breath.
They both died with minutes of each other.
We love Mickey and Minnie with all our hearts.
Our lives will never be the same without them. 

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