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As many of you, I too have had what I call “Flashes of Eternity.” To me, it is God’s way to remove the fear of Death that is before each and everyone of us. This flash of insight lets us know, that we will be in a far better place than this physical plane that we are now bound to. Consider the reblog of this poem a form of Christmas present to my WordPress followers. To me, it renders all the feelings and emotions that this gift has given to me, when this has happened to me several times in my own life.

Texas Poetry

Taken morning of October 20th, 2012 on Cedar Creek Lake in Gun Barrel City, Texas from the rear of our Lakehome “Oz.”
Between the split of a second 
stood the truth of time.                                                                               
A moment held so lovingly
with the slightest touch
ever fleeting in its hold of light.
The answer to all of this
was so clear and without question.
Everything made sense
every pain defined
every love understood.
Where there once was blackness
there was now the white of light.
“Oh,” came the answer.
“This is why,” said my mind of creation.
If I could just hold this longer
just maybe
it would stay forever
this joy
this warmth
this sheer laughter of soul.
I embrace thee
Oh fear with courage
prayer and hope
for this is where I belong
in the very depth of your love
in this eternity…

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