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Courtesy of Arlington

Someone asked me once
what I wanted to be
when I finally grew up.
I said to them, “Let me be a poet
with words that are never forgotten
in my journey of life.
Let my journey be one of joy
discovered in sorrow
to all of those who read my words.
When death finally enters my door
a special note upon my stone
I request be placed in memory of me
upon an earth that I visited
for a short time.
Let the words in simple chiseled letters
read thusly, ‘He was not a simple man
for God did not make him so.
He only wanted to be simply known
as a poet.

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Today I attended the funeral of “WoJo” as he was affectionatedly called by his fellow officers in both the McKinney Police Department, and the Sheriff’s Department of Collin County.  WoJo was our customer in our State Farm Insurance Agency ( Linda Terry State Farm Insurance, McKinney, Texas) for almost ten years.

Everytime WoJo came to our office on insurance business, he was always a joy to be around.  WoJo was an officer in both the Sheriff’s Department and the McKinney Police Department for a total of thirty one years.  He was the longest serving officer on the McKinney Police Department.  He will be greatly missed by me, my wife, and my office staff.  Beside being a fine human being, he was the ultimate in the best, of what a peace officer should be.

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