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To all it seemed all was well with the Pastor.

Within his heart he knew the mask he worn was false

for his heart was false in his represented Love of Jesus.

He had known this for a very long time.

His Father was a preacher and he carried the burden 

of a preacher’s son.

He knew deep within his own soul

he was not worthy of walking in the sandals of Jesus.

He knew of many he had hurt with the evil that lurked

in his own heart.

Yet he always felt too important to admit his wrongs.

He noticed it this morning upon awakening. 

His hands were trembling.

As the day passed on

the trembling became worse.

He now knew that his trembling hands

would never again

be able to hold

upon his death

the keys to heaven.


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We are proud to announce that the WordPress site  “Spirit Filled Poetry”  aka https://spiritfilledpoetry.wordpress.com was chosen to be the “Top Editors’ Choice” for an international site called Bloggers.com.  Bloggers.com consists of thousands of blog websites across the world.  

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My dear Lord and Savior.

I come before You this day in a prayful request.

My request is for your healing of my WordPress friend.

Take away her physical and mental limitations this day,

that distance her from the joy of knowing Your Love.

Bring success in her goals,

and wealth to her life.

Thank you Lord,

for hearing my prayer this day.

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It was a simple glass bottle,
that gave me a gift of song,
that day.
It was a beautiful sunny day,
on the waterfront side of my home.
With a fresh cold, iced beer,
I sat on the back porch.
The breeze was beautiful as diamonds of light,
sparkled off the water before me.
A curious thing happened as I slowly drank that beer.
The outside wind played through the empty part of the bottle. 
A song, like no other, played through the glass.
It was a haunting song of eons,
from another time.
As I drank more liquor from the bottle,
the song changed in pitch to a sweeter song.
It came to me at that moment,
that God’s gifts to us are never ending.
In prayer,
I gave thanks to God,
for His gifts to me,
that day,
and the song of the bottle.

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The piano played a familiar melody in my memory.

Images of summer came to mind.

We were in love.

Warmed by our dreams,

and the oneness that was us.


Wherever each of us were,

we were never apart.

Our bonded souls filled all spaces between us.

The melody of that summer will always be.

For you see,

a first love,

never dies.

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"A Gathering of Buzzards in the midst of sheep"


It was a small community health club where they met,

these men of “The Clothe.”

The meeting was twice a week.

A gathering of buzzards,

discussing their frightened flock of sheep.

They discussed the personal lives of their church members,

amidst laughter, as if they were, young girls in a locker room.

They spoke of the mental depression, the illnesses, and even

the marriage break-up’s of their charges within their churches.

Upon hearing of a transfer of one of their members to another’s church,

there was even more loud and boastful laughter among these men.

There was no subject regarding their charges,

that was too personal,

and too confidential,

for them to discuss among themselves.

Faithful church members,

were nothing more,

than chess pieces on a board,

to these men.

Jesus wept.



Famous Quote: “There is no more dangerous experiment than that of undertaking to be one thing before a man’s face, and another behind his back.”………….General Robert E. Lee (1807-1872)

Benjamin Franklin Saying: “All that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

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Within each of us,
lies an unnamed magic.
We are like shining mirror,
reflecting the beauty,
the eternal power of creation,
of our Lord and God.
We are His perfection,
in His creation.
Our Lord’s every joy
abounds in us.
Have faith and believe.
The joy and wonder,
of our eternities,
lies before us,
in the wonder of His work.

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My Lord, my God, I come before you,
your humble servant,
overcome by the love Thou has shown me,
as one of your creations.
One made in the image of your
encompassing and eternal love.
I ask, as your servant,
for the wisdom to know Your will
so that you may find pleasure in me.
May I bring pride and further joy
to you in your creation.
When the darkness of days were before me,
you were my Light, when no hope was seen.
You were my Friend, when all turned away from me.
In the depth of my deepest sorrow and loss,
You helped me rediscover the joy of Your
eternal love for me.
I surely would dammed
throughout eternity without the Light
of Your love before me.
I pray each day to do only Your will as my God.
Let me not be overcome by my foolish pride,
nor ever feel that the blessings,
You fill each day of my life,
are from my efforts.
The greatest gift that You chose to give to your creations,
you gave to me, which is the choice of free will,
to love or not love You,
every day of this physical life.
Give me courage,
and keep me mindful
of Your love each day.
Protect me from the evil of the world,
that awaits me in the possible fall,
from Your Grace.
In my awakening each day,
as I greet the miracle that is around me,
never let me forget the joy,
that overcomes me when finding,
and being in Your love for me.
And, if it be Thy will,
let my soul
stay in your love,
abiding in your eternity,
that awaits me.

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"Parked in Doctor's Slot at Cancer Treatment Center"

She is a two-time breast cancer survivor.
This dreaded disease lingers over her life each day.
Now in her senior years
she faces the lost of dear friends each day.
Each death of a friend by cancer brings back the fear to her.
Each similar pain suffered by cancer 
when shared by those who passed on
brings the horror that this may be a return
of the dark horror.
Her anger with the medical profession increases each day.
Billions of dollars have been spent in research over the years
yet the treatments are as backward as cave times.
Parked in the Doctors Slot of the cancer treatment center
is a Rolls Silver Cloud Convertible.
Its shiny green color
speaks of the monies that were drained from her body
as the fluid of death was put into her veins.
Cannot this horror of death
be destroyed
that takes us from our loved ones?

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