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I could feel her eyes upon me
from across the room.
I was in awe.
She was flirting with me.
She was in her early twenties. 
Her body
Her very beauty
were beyond words.
Her clothes were tight
across her skin amidst
soft flowing hair.
Her breasts stood proudly.
Full of promise and ripeness.
Her shorts tight on her thighs. 
My manhood stirred me.
A surprise surge of blood
between my legs.
I tried to look away
but was drawn to her
deep dark eyes of mystery
attempting to bear
my very soul.
She knew I was admiring
her thighs
strong and tanned
beneath the tight shorts.
She slowly opened
and closed her legs
speaking to me from
a distance of desires
yet unfulfilled.
I could taste her
from across the room.
Swirling heat assaulted
my senses as I attempted
to look away from her.
Upon leaving
She made it a point
to walk by my table
giving me an explosive smile 
with a knowing wink.
All I could do
was bow my head
in homage
to a goddess. 

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