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“Praise and Glory to Yahweh My Lord and God’ Courtesy of allposters.com

Commentary for January 6th, 2015:  I know it is not right to feel a certain amount of joy when one who you knew was an enemy in your life falls on hard times or has great hardships in their lives.  Still, I have peace in knowing the “Pay-Back” of God,  far exceeds any human thing we can bring upon our enemies.  To those of you are such in my life, especially over the last year; keep in mind, this commentary and poem when it happens to you.  
I render praise to Yahweh my Lord and God.
He has relinquished all my enemies.
My camp was surrounded.
It seemed I was without hope.
My enemies brought false witness against me.
They cursed my name.  
A name of Praise given to me
by My Lord and God.
Each of my enemies were destroyed.
Their wealth was removed from their granaries.
There bodies were sickened with disease.
Their eyes locked into death before them. 
All Praise and Glory to Yahweh this day.
I see before me the beauty of a new day.
My enemies have become dust before me. 

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Courtesy of jesussaves.com

As I approach the twilight time of my life
the answer has come to an important question.
The question deals with the pain, the suffering, the depression
that we all must deal with 
in our elder years.
Why should our minds
or our physical bodies deteriorate in such a way?
In tearful recall of our youth
is that all we are left with?
I thought of Jesus
my Lord and Savior
I thought of His suffering before His death.
There is much about this world that can bring
happiness and blessings.
There are many things that our physical bodies
wish not to depart from in this world.
Whether it be the beauty created by our God
or the love connections
that are so important to us.
Could our suffering be but a gift from our Lord?
A way to make the release easier from this physical world?
Perhaps in the suffering is the blessing
in knowing we are going to
a far happier place in our eternity.

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Courtesy photo by Pat Dollins. Taken at Treasure Hunters Roadshow in Placerville.

I tried to think of a gift
that would be special to you.
A gift of treasure that would endure
thru the days of our lifes.
Would gold and jewels
things that could rust
and turn to dust
in the sands of time
be such a gift?
I think not
for the earth holds many trinkets from the ages.
Trinkets buried deeply in the earth
long forgotten of their purpose.
Forgotten of the song they held so long ago.
I give thee my words of my heart
that are enclosed within the eternity of my soul.
Eternity with such a gift
that will go beyond the decaying trinkets of the earth.
If it is God’s will that death should temporary seperate us
this gift shall be my seal of love
to clothe you in the light of my love
and carry you forward to the day
we shall meet again in the eternity that is before us.
It will be a place without pain
hurt or further sorrow for us.
A place where we shall again open the seal of my love.
A place where we will laugh again in joy each day
in the wonder of our love.

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1959 Painting by John J. Rigo, Titled, “Mother’s Sorrow”

If I were God
would I have done things any differently?
In the mist of my creation
would I have made beings
who would worship me
built into their souls?
I think not
for love is only love
when given freely.
Is it not said
that we are made in His image?
Would not His Love be the ultimate
universal love?
If we would give our life for the one we loved
would God render any less
in giving His life for us?
In God’s love for us
would enduring a day of pain
be a fair exchange to insure that all those He loved
would be with Him?
If you were God
would you have done the same for me?  

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Courtesy of the special collection of the University of Washington

It had been many years since he felt that way.
It was a rerun in his memory of the past.
There was fifty years between them.
She was outright flirting with him.
He was uncomfortable with it.
He was sitting right there with his Bride.
She acted like his bride was not even in the room.
Maybe it was how she got right into his face.
She looked at him like he was something really special.
She touched his knee under the table
as she kneeled before them on the side of the table
to take their dinner order.
Just when he accepted that his youth was long gone
she had to come along and remind him
what it felt like to be desired.
She was unfair in doing what she did.
Leaving behind the passions of youth
is not an easy thing for a man to do.
The move from passion to wisdom
is painful for any man.  
Perhaps ladies there is a lesson here.
Men of Passion never die in their hearts.
The burning heat of creation is part of their DNA.
Never treat your man like he is no longer alive.
Within every silver-headed man
still lies the young boy
Laugh not at Passion.
It is as old as the centuries.
Forever faithful.
Forever remembering.
What it was like
to have been loved. 
Commentary on Poem:  Shortly after I posted this poem and shared it with one of my friends, their comment was, “John, some folks would just about do anything for a big tip, especially a twenty year old.”  His comment was filled with great laughter.  Frankly I joined the laughter with many big “Ha-Ha’s” on my part.  There is much truth in the saying,  “There is no fool, like an old fool.” Lol 

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scene from the movie "Solaris" with line of forgiveness.  Image courtesy of Google Image Search.

scene from the movie “Solaris” with line of forgiveness. Image courtesy of Google Image Search.

The words echoed in my head,
“Everything we have done is forgiven.”
My lips prior to hearing those words
forming words of asking for forgiveness
stepping off into the white light of eternity. 
Every hurt ever rendered to others
was now wiped clean from memory.
Pangs of guilt were no longer a part of me.
My Lord’s recall now even wiped clean.
What a blessed gift given to a contrite heart.
In His own Death for the vastness of our own sins
do we now find them forgiven.

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Courtesy of footage.shutterstock.com

A bright blue sky day.
Water with a spray of diamonds.
Rays of warmth upon my face.
You at my side
with that special smile
that I love above all expressions
that pass over your face each day.
Let us hold this close to us
in what seems not enough time for
just the two of us.
Cherish this day
love this day
with all we have.
For we will never know
how many
if any
of these days are before us.
We have each other
with our love for one another.
What could be worth
more than just this day?

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