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"Seeking Forgiveness"

“Seeking Forgiveness”

We are all haunted by our past.
Hard as we try we cannot change it.
Harsh words spoken
when kindness was needed.
We are filled with deep regret.
When true love reached out for us
we were too stupid to recognize it.
When our Lord showed us our future
we did not take time to listen.
In a lifetime of regret
there are no do-overs
no another dimension
where our past is rerun.
No magic time machine
with date buttons
at our command.
There will be certain death
with a rerun of our deeds
in a clarity beyond description.
Our prayer will be for forgiveness.
Our eternal hell will be
that there will be no forgiveness
for all we could have done
but did not do when we could.
If you can this day
reach out to all those
you hurt in this life
beg for their forgiveness.
Perhaps in so doing
in death will you finally find
Joy and Peace.

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