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In the five years I have been with the WordPress family I do not recall over four or five negative comments sent to me. The WordPress family is a constant “Feel Good” experience on the internet. WordPress is the reason I feel a daily joy in sharing my published poetry work as well as my commentary postings.
John J. Rigo
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The Real Janna Hill

Once upon a time a long, a long time ago (before Black Friday) Thanksgiving was a celebration of harvest and a time to give thanks. Hence the name thanksgiving.

I don’t think the early pilgrims had a Super Walmart, a Sears or a Best Buy yet somehow they managed. Can you imagine having to grow your own food and prepare it without the help of google? When did they have time? Where did they get their Stove Top stuffing and who plucked the turkeys? How did those crazy pilgrims do it?

I didn’t really know any of those pilgrims but I did see a John Wayne movie once. John knew a pilgrim when he saw one. He seemed to know a lot of pilgrims but that was a long time ago too.John Wayne

I propose we are all pilgrims, each one of us on a journey of sorts. Our own…

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