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I recall telling my wife many years ago that within every man is a Knight in Shining Armour. Their only desire in life is to be the hero to their maiden.

Texas Poetry

I awoke
as from a sleep
of death.
Long gentle fingers
were rubbing my forehead
the side of my face
touching my lips.
As my eyes opened
I knew I was no longer
on my prior world of earth.
Before me I beheld
a beautiful maiden
of golden hair
skin of cream and light
eyes of blue/grey and gold.
There was no fear within me.
I was at a place where I was meant to be.
I was home in a castle of my Lord’s place for me.
My eyes gazed upon my body.
Upon me where plates of armour.
Gold-Silver and various jewels
incrusted upon them.
As the maiden raised my head
I observed the symbols upon my breast-plate.
In the middle in Gold was a Lion.
On each side of it were Dragons
standing with their feet gently
touching the…

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