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Courtesy of nosmokeblown.com "Will President Obama Resign or be Impeached"

Courtesy of nosmokeblown.com
“Will President Obama Resign or be Impeached”

Commentary: It was over five years ago that out of curiosity that I signed up for the “White House Letter.”  Yesterday I noted that there was an area in the most recent White House Letter where one can write a personal note to President Obama.  I have no doubt that any letters that are sent that are negative in nature ever see the light of Obama’s eyes, especially with the “Bubble World that Obama lives in.”  I recently wrote the below poem under the title of “Mr. Obama” with contents that I would like to send to him.  Perhaps since it is online, maybe he will actually see it and read it.  Hopefully, after reading it, He will “step-down” from office to save our country from his lack of ability to be a true leader of our country.  
Mr. Obama, as president of my country
you have managed to destroy the essence of my country.
It is a country that I dearly love.
I have served my country with honor
as a veteran with four years of duty.
I have a pride in my country
that you will never understand.
You see you never served in the military of our country.
Your eyes do not tear up as mine do when the flag passes me.
To you our country is all about you
it is not about the hundreds of thousands
who have died in defending the freedom
she represents.
Mr. Obama you have failed as a leader.
You have divided our country
with mistrust, hate and fear.
You have demonstrated that you are a liar
untrustworthy and a hate creator
in your quest for power.
You have proved
you are not worthy to be addressed
as Mr. President.
Mr. Obama be a man
resign as our President.

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