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As of late I have been blessed in exchanging with WordPress members who have dealt with breast cancer. Hence my desire to repost this poem. Many would find it difficult to believe but breast cancer in men in now becoming more and more common.
John J. Rigo

Texas Poetry

She stood naked before me in the bathroom.
Before me I can see her beauty
amidst the scars of her two battles.
Breast cancer
twice in a ten year period.
Her left breast was twisted almost inward.
The scar under her arm pit made her nipple
bend inward toward her chest wall.
Upon her right breast the burn was clearly seen.
It was where six weeks of radiation were done
in one week. 
The right side was caved inward in this area of burn.
Her nipple stood straight high and proud on this breast. 
This was the breast that the doctor suggested
that she also have chemo due to her second bout.
Her hair had long grown back from this terror
of a heart-wrenching attack on her entire body.
As she smiled at me
and kissed the top of my head.
I thanked my Lord
for putting this…

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