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The Light of Knowledge Can Overcome Depression.

Today in our American Society the single most deadly disease is Depression.  In over a half century this disease of the mind is still a mystery to the medical profession.  Many famous men and woman through the centuries have had this disease and  overcame it, while others, learned to live with it on a daily basis.

Many times in just having the ability to share your story, is the first step in overcoming this disease.  Keeping this disease at bay can also be accomplished by this approach.  If you are one who is currently dealing with depression, had overcome depression, or currently dealing with it on a day-to-day basis, I wish to share your story on my WordPress Blog site. 

Whether you wish to identify yourself or wish not to is an option that is yours.  Send me your stories to share.  In so doing many on the internet that are in a dark place, without seemly the hope of light, will find such light in reading your story.  Whether your sharing is in a poetry format or story format, each will be acceptable for publication on this blog site. 

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