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The parks of Savannah, Georgia that we use to walk back in 1960.  Picture courtesy of Google image search.

The parks of Savannah, Georgia that we use to walk back in 1960. Picture courtesy of Google image search.

There are times
the sadness just rolls over my chest.
Crushing ocean waves upon my heart.
Memories of you return.
A first love never dies.
Innocence in love’s discovery
of another.
Pure linen wash were we.
Time is a cruel thing.
Relentless in its forward movement.
Removing the taste of the moment
quickly from our lips.
Life was uncomplicated then.
Two lovers walking hand and hand
to a Walgreen’s breakfast for $1,98 each
after church in downtown Savannah.
The year was 1960
a young man of 18 was I
while you a newly 18
off a recent bus from Happy, Texas.
A story book love story
did we own in our shared love.
A first love never dies
but wings through eternity.

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Courtesy of jillmariemasibag.wordpress.com

Of all memories
that we try most to forget
is a first love.
Till now I had tried to do the same
but today those memories returned.
I never hear from her again.
It was 1964 when we divorced.
Today she will be 69.
The  light of youth
has long left her eyes.
Know Linda Faye Smith
that wherever you may be this date.
I now think of you often.
A first love buried deep in the heart
truly never fades for long
in loves’ memory.
We were both like children when we met.
She was sixteen and I was seventeen.
It was my first pass in basic training
in the Air Force in Happy, Texas.
It was jet boat races that weekend
at this lake in Happy when my eyes
met her for the first time.
It was a magical moment
our bus was pulling out 
as we exchanged addresses
thru the bus window.
We married two years latter.
She eighteen and I turned nineteen
a newly promoted buck sergeant
in the Air Force.
She was a virgin
on our wedding night.
The true gift of love
that any woman
can give a man.
We were together a year
before I got my orders
to go overseas for a year.
It was a heartbreak
to us both for it was
an isolated tour area
in the military
I was sent to.
A year latter
we divorced
she misunderstood
my fear in starting
a family while attempting
to establish stability in our lives.
I guess now that I look down that road.
A long road of many years since those days
I now realize that a first love never leaves the heart.

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