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New addition to Silver Star Winery of Texas.  Her name is "Pumpkin"

New addition to Silver Star Winery of Texas. Her name is “Pumpkin”

Her name is “Pumpkin.”  Note her color where the name comes from.  She is very bonded to “Violet.”  She is a “Brangus” calf.

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Taken morning of 5/30/2012 at 6:30 a.m. on Northwood Shores of Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas by John J. Rigo copyright 2012

This morning my eyes beheld ocean waves upon the morning sky.
The thought came to mind that it was an ocean from another world.
A preview of many that our Lord renders us each day.
Perhaps our concept of God is too small for our thoughts.
Perhaps our spirits have existed for thousands of light years.
In universes beyond our human comprehension. 
Was it the next world that my spirit will soon discover
upon an ocean scene in a morning sky?
What beauty
what adventures await us
in the many lives before us?
With my Lord at the helm of my ship
I only know that whatever voyage is before me
My Lord will bless and keep me safe. 

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Courtesy of guardian.co.uk

If I could create the perfect poem
my poem would remove sorrow from the world.
It would bring smiles where there were tears.
Mend broken hearts and return love again.
The perfect poem 
would replace all loneliness
with the Joy of God’s Love.
Friends would never be lost again
but be eternal in their friendships with us.
Each day would start with the songs of birds.
Each night would end with the sighs of night.
Every soul would find God
and never again be separated from His Love.
Every kiss would be with true love
and never of betrayal.
The Devil would be finally destroyed by God.
We would all reign in Paradise in the mist of joy

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Courtesy of umazzing.com

As of June 25th, 2013, the “Texas‘ Poetry Site” reached another milestone of 39,000 plus hits.  My deepest thanks and appreciation to the WordPress family, and all those who share my spiritual poetry work, as well as my Texas’ Commentary posts regarding my new communities in Henderson County, Texas, Eustace, Texas, Gun Barrel City, Texas and the Nation. 

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Courtesy of thefallenknight.com "I have become a weary knight tired of battle."

Courtesy of thefallenknight.com
“I have become a weary knight tired of battle.”

You get to a point in life
where you get a belly-full of people.
It is a slow process.
You get tired in reaching out.
You find you no longer want to be
the nice guy to all those folks in your life
that are thoughtless
totally self-serving
and basically
losers in their own life’s.
There is a calmness of spirit
you reach within your inner self.
Your body no longer does the things
you want it to do.
You realize how frail
you have become.
You no longer carry
the same fear of death.
Your greatest realization.
Those you love
do not love you back
in a kind and loving way.
You become closer
to the spirit and love
of your Lord.
The centering peace
in finding this
is now what is really important
in your life.

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I have been where you are
a hell of loneliness and despair.
Had I created this place in my past
as you are now
where I was once?
I ask myself what pains cross your mind
as this day of many comes to you?
Do you hunger?
Are you without sleep?
The night only brings fear for your life.
Are you without anyone who cares
where you are this day?
Are you missed?
I too have been where you are.
From ashes of the mind did thou raise me
from a pit of worldly hell.
It was not my talents of mind
nor spirit that lead me from this dark world.
It was my prayers.
You never failed to hear me
when I cried out to you.
When I tried to end this life
you spoke gently to me
asking me to be patient
and wait one more day.
One day lead to another.
Finally the sun began to shine again
in your blessings and your love for me.
Thank you Lord
for giving hope to the hopeless
as you gave to me.
Thank you Lord
for loving me when I was without love.
Yea Lord without your grace
would I now be lost.  

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Courtesy of mujerenarmmonia.com

There is a game we play with couples.
It is called the “Hurting Game.”
It is a game that can weaken Love
or destroy Love between two people.
In early romances
we seek beautiful
and positive statements
to relate to each other.
It is later that the
“Hurting Game” begins.
It starts out with a small
biting criticism.
The heart is hurt by
the receiver.
Uncared words between two Lovers
can be knife cuts to the very heart.
Generally in these hurts does it become
pay back time with a similar cutting remark
when the occasion arises. 
Many times the Game
increases in intensity.
It is then done before
friends and relatives.
Such acts make the hurts
even deeper in their pain.
It is not time to break this circle?
Promise each other this day
that the hurtful words in the future
will only be replaced with words
of Love, Kindness and Praise.
In so doing
will you both find in each other again
the love you both so richly deserve.

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What a great Father’s Day gift from my Bride!

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Keli is one of my favorite followers, and I of her. The internet renders both gift and fowl. I have always found in her postings, love and inspiration…..what more can any man ask of any woman?

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