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Courtesy of asmp.org

Embrace your Youth.
The ticks of time move more quickly
than observed or counted. 
Embrace the Love of your Youth.
The embers lose their warm and glow
more quickly than our memories will capture.
Embrace the Wisdom 
that is bestowed upon you.
It will carry you
through the dark days
before you.  
Curse not your regrets.
They are but markers along the road. 
Regrets render the opportunity
to seek forgiveness.
Embrace your Lord
with Love and Worship.
He will Bless you along the road
and to the final place
of His Love for you. 

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Courtesy of jezebel.com

You can tell a lot about a person

in how they treat their dog.

I have hear that dog

cry out for her master

many a day

and nights.

She is about fifteen now.

She has endured tempertures in the teens

while being left outdoors.

She has swellered in heat above 100

while being left outdoors.

An electronic fence guards her escape from this prison.

The fence is in the front of the house

no less.

Many a morning does the smell of her poop

fill the air of their neighbor’s yard.

Her Master has been featured

in a well-known community magazine

hugging this dog no less. 

You sure can tell a lot about a person

in how they really treat their dog.

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Courtesy of heavenawaits.wordpress.com

A heart is a terrible thing to waste.
If one comes to you with this offering
do not scoff too quickly.
Love is a precious gift.
It is precious to the one who gives love
and very precious to the one who receives it.
Do not be hardened to this gift.
Accept this gift with kindness
and tenderness.
Love is the joy of life.
Love is the light of life.
Love is the soul of life.
Be thankful and gentle
in the receiving of love
even if this love
is not the love you seek.
Remember one day
you will be judged as a human.
You will be judged to the degree that you loved.
More importantly
how kindly you received love.
Love in its many forms
is God showing
His face to us.
A heart is a terrible thing to waste. 

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Courtesy of moneycashers.com

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John J. Rigo Texas Commentator

This commentary was written in 2010.  In reviewing I felt it applied more today than it did in 2010. 

Even with November elections wiping out the Democratic majority in the house, we will not be able to revert the effects of the billions of dollars, we will have in future deficits.  My solution to this deficit is simple and should bring us to a zero deficit within five years.

My approach would target our Nation’s non-profits in the form of their religious churches.  I am a Christian and do believe in separation of Church and State.  In the last ten years in my observation of two major churches, the Presbyterian movement, as well as the Methodist religion has brought me to writing this commentary.  It is my deep belief that our Nation loses billions of dollars every month in additional revenues that our country could be collecting, if it were not for non-profit churches. 

When churches across this nation are examined closely, one can easily summarize that a majority of monies that is collected by church congregations are either for the care and feeding of the pastors and/or ministers that lead these churches.  The other great percentage of the funds go to pay for the different church structure across the nation, structures many times are only utilized one day a week. 

The other aspect of collected monies by non-profits is the “dying Money” that is given personally to Pastors and Ministers by church members who are on their “death beds.”  I have no doubt that this amount of money alone, represents billions of dollars monthly that escapes the “Tax Man.”

There is not a month goes by that we do not fail to hear of the Pastor of a large church living “The High Life” with expensive homes, and the best that money can buy.  Recently it came to the attention of a congregation that their minister had a corporate jet hidden from them, that their collections paid to fly this Pastor all over the world to famous exotic locations to party.

It is time that our tax codes be revamped in relationship to the “free ride” that religious churches across this country enjoy.  It is time also for many of these ex-siding men and used car sales personnel who decide to become ministers and pastors paid the same tax rate as all of us do in the salary, as well as the perks they receive each day. 

In so doing the future generations of children would become more financially secure in the huge tax deficit that is before them.  Religious freedom and choosing how and who we wish to worship with, should not have anything to do with these organizations paying their fair share of taxes. 

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Courtesy photo by Pat Dollins. Taken at Treasure Hunters Roadshow in Placerville.

I tried to think of a gift
that would be special to you.
A gift of treasure that would endure
thru the days of your life.
Would gold and jewels
things that could rust
and turn to dust
in the sands of time
be such a gift?
I think not
for the earth holds many trinkets from the ages.
Trinkets buried deeply in the earth
long forgotten of their purpose.
Forgotten of the song they held so long ago.
I give thee my words of my heart
that are enclosed within the eternity of my soul.
Eternity with such a gift
that will go beyond the decaying trinkets of the earth.
If it is God’s will that death should temporary seperate us
this gift shall be my seal of love
to clothe you in the light of my love
and carry you forward to the day
we shall meet again in the eternity that is before us.
It will be a place without pain
hurt or further sorrow for us.
A place where we shall again open the seal of my love.
A place where we will laugh again in joy each day
in the wonder of our love.

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Courtesy of peaceinchrist.wordpress.com

I carved our initials in the Tree of Life.
What value has love in ‘death do us part?’
Is love a flash of light
in the long darkness of night?
Flesh to flesh in being born
then death without memory
unable to behold
to recall at will in deep detail.
Will thoughts become ashes
that are scattered in a soft wind?
My love to you dearest one
is forever more
upon the Tree of Eternal Life.
From the first garden
of eternal promise.
A promise of Love
never lost.
Love that is always remembered
in the heart of our Lord
that will never be lost
or forgotten
in the passing of time. 

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“Oh where Oh where has my young bride gone?”

It was yesterday that I watched my bride from afar.
The scourging of aging was taking its toll upon her.
Her proud walk was no more as her bent back revealed itself.
Her bad hip showed pain upon her face
as she walked toward her shopping expedition.
Youthful exuberance replaced by tenuous time.
Oh where Oh where has my youthful bride gone.
Drawing skin upon a neck that use to be so smooth.
Lines of time upon a face that use to glow in youth’s dove.
A chest ravaged by two bouts of breast cancer.
Upon a stomach that use to be flat and smooth.
Oh where Oh where has my youthful bride gone.
Still there never will be no other for me.
Within her eyes lies the greatest beauty of my life.
My bride of Love for all eternity.

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Courtesy Diviantart

In the dream

I felt I was truly loved.

I did not know who she was.

A nagging thought

said we had known each other

in another time and place.

She was young.

I was also a young man again.

She was beautiful.


She kept on kissing me.

They were deep kisses of passion.

I had not felt like that

in a long, long time.


It was a gift from my youth.

It was truly

a beautiful dream.




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Courtesy of jesussaves.com

As I approach the three-quarter century mark in life
there is one emotion that I have struggled to overcome.
That emotion is Anger.
The Old Testament shows God the Father
as a revengeful God.
Destruction, plagues and various calamities
are everyday occurrences in retribution
to those whose worship fell short of His expectations.
Jesus, the Son of God
brought to the earth
the human self-image of God.
A gentle, kind and the perfect human
was Jesus as he wore the body of man.
Jesus by His example
elevated us to the higher level
of the spirit of man and woman.
As I continue to move thru this
earthly life let me ever mindful
of the example of my Lord.
Let me turn what angers
face me in life to
a greater understanding
of the Love of Jesus.  

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