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Depression is still a wide spread sickness of a chemical imbalance of our brains. To this day the medical profession has not found a cure for it. When it reaches the imbalance stage, as much as three years is necessary in treatment to come out of it. If this poem relates many of your own feelings, seek professional help, seek the help of the Lord and prepare for the good fight ahead.

Texas Poetry

I have fought this battle before….. I lost.
It starts with those that are closest to us.
They remind us of our shortcomings
rather than our victories in life.
We fight but seem not to overcome
the weight that falls upon our spirit.
We cannot find anyone to reach out to.
Those that we thought cared about us or loved us
really are not sincere in their hearts.
We no longer live under illusions.
We feel that our life is over.
Our very breathing becomes heavy
the weight upon our lungs for air becomes heavier.
The battle for light begins.
We must reach again for the strength of our Lord.
We must armour ourselves.
Before us lays the battlefield.
Prepare for the good fight.

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