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This poem was included in my second published poetry book. It brought the horror of 9/11 clearly to me.

Texas Poetry


The following poem was written on the afternoon of 9-11.  It relates to the sorrow and pain of our country losing loved ones in a senseless killing of innocence in the deaths of 2,973.

“Red, White and Blue” copyright 9-11-2001 John J. Rigo

Red, White and Blue are the colors before me on this day.

It will be a day remembered by numbers used to summon help.

Nine, One and One, bring only the recall of white dust,

rock, and twisted steel in a sea of sorrow.

Can these tears wash away the pain

that this day brings?

Tears shed for those we love and are no more.

I cry out for my Brothers and Sisters in the depth of pain

that befalls their hearts.

Could there be a greater sin,

then a day so dark?

I think not.

I pray for peace, comfort, and hope,

for the souls…

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