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Courtesy of bloggingprince.blogspot.com

Courtesy of bloggingprince.blogspot.com

I thought of you this morning.
I was in my mid forties at the time.
You were in your early twenties.
It seemed we were centuries apart
when we first met.
When our eyes first locked
all sense of time disappeared
between us both.
Desire became a blind flash
to my brain.
Each time you passed me
I could not take my eyes
off of you in your passing.
I became consumed with you.
The blessed time finally came
we were alone together.
Always will I remember
how you felt in my arms.
I melted as you pressed to me
in a bonding of our bodies.
Mere cloth did not stop the dream.
I never loved anyone
with the passion I had
in finally making love to you.
Happily was my lust
lost in the folds of you.
Sweat of sweet nectar
upon my tongue in you. 
Your lips upon me
upon me
in me
around me.
My body becoming a liquid
of your feast upon me.  
It was in a moment
that I knew we created
a beauty of light
between us.
Somewhere this day
I know you exist.
Know this day
my sweet one
I am haunted by you. 

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