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.....is never lost.  Picture courtesy of John J. Rigo copyrighted 2013

…..is never lost. Picture courtesy of John J. Rigo copyrighted 2013

A ship in the sea of life
riding each wave of life
seeking the warm sun of each day.
The beauty of each dream as night falls
is never lost as it heads
toward the curve of each horizon.
Storms will blow
onward do we flow
in love and courage
by His hand.
Tomorrow brings the knowing in His love
the vastness of the ocean
is not so alone.
As long as we believe
we will never be alone.
For His love
surpasses all of this.
This and time beyond
this brief sea of life.          



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Courtesy of tatoodonkey.com

I recalled this memory.
I was five or six
it was the middle of morning
when I hear my Mother moaning
in the lowest of voices
as to not wake my Brother or me.
“Please John, don’t hit me again.”
“Please don’t hurt me.”
Please….Please, you are hurting me.”
It has been sixty-five years
since that memory.
Still every once in a while
that memory returns
to haunt my very soul.
My Father came in late that night.
He had been drinking.

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“………..pointing to a star”

The night sky was a deep black with blazing stars
over the Master and His disciples
this particular night along the sea of Galilee.
It was a time of quiet contemplation of the beauty of God’s work.
Within the group of His disciples
one disciple had a troubling question.
With reverence he approached the Master with his question.
“Does God’s Love for us have bounds when remembering our sins in His Eternal Memory?”
asked the disciple quietly as to not disturb the other men in the group.
The Master lifted His Head toward the night sky
and pointed His finger to a bright star saying,
“As you look upon the stars in the night sky
many have long changed in form
and are no more. 
The distance is so great in the travel of that light
that we still see those suns prior to their changing of form. 
So it is in the breath of God’s Love for us
it is also beyond the width
depth and height of such distances from us.
Since His Love for us is unconditional
so is His memory of our sins.
In asking His forgiveness of our sins
their memory no longer exists in eternity.”
So spoke that night
the Master of My Life. 

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Courtesy of guardian.co.uk

If I could create the perfect poem
my poem would remove sorrow from the world.
It would bring smiles where there were tears.
Mend broken hearts and return love again.
The perfect poem 
would replace all loneliness
with the Joy of God’s Love.
Friends would never be lost again
but be eternal in their friendships with us.
Each day would start with the songs of birds.
Each night would end with the sighs of night.
Every soul would find God
and never again be separated from His Love.
Every kiss would be with true love
and never of betrayal.
The Devil would be finally destroyed by God.
We would all reign in Paradise
in the mist of joy

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There is something wonderous about a hug.
It is a way of saying,”you are special to me.”
A step beyond the boundries of formal convention.
The assurance of a heart touching a heart.
A touch of comfort to calm a grieving heart.  
A cheek touching a cheek
with a kiss of greeting.
Whether a man to man
or woman to woman
or man to woman
or woman to man
there are no limits to showing
our love for another.
We are all souls in His creation
with an eternal bond between us all.
The hug is the sign of our sisterhood and brotherhood.
Let it not become forgotten in your life
it is precious honey to the wounds of this life
forever giving
forever loving
in the wonder of love
to us all.

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Picture taken with Samsung smart phone on December 10th, 2014 at 706 at Northwood Shores on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas.  Copyright 2014 by John J. Rigo

Picture taken with Samsung smart phone on December 10th, 2014 at 706 at Northwood Shores on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. Copyright 2014 by John J. Rigo

View from “Oz” at 7 a.m. on February 25th 2012 on Cedar Creek Lake, Texas

View from “Oz” on Cedar Creek Lake, Texas, February 25th 2012 at 7 a.m.


“Another View of God’s Church”

I have been to many churches in my lifetime.
None can compare to the beauty of my church.
My church lies outside my back door.
Before me lies miles of beautiful water
its beauty more clarifying upon a Sunrise morning.
The clouds above this church of God’s home
are higher than any church steeple.
There is no wall or ceiling painting to equal
the clouds above my church.
No gilded statue that equals the sun’s glory
as it breaks forth upon the horizon.
There is no choir that rises above the sweet sound
of the wind that sings across my ears.
There is no preacher, preaching to me
nor a basket asking for my coin.
No where else can one
be any closer to God.

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"Seasons" in Mabank, Texas

“Seasons” in Mabank, Texas

Commentary from December 2nd, 2013:  To me, the Christmas Season is the time of year for me to remember those who have passed on that were important to my life.  Following is another poem about another of those special individuals in my own life.

Joe passed away on February 12th, 2010.
It was after the record snow storm of February 2010.
The power went out in their home.
He and is wife, Christine were moving into temporary
quarters in the New Comfort Inn of Mabank, Texas
when he quietly passed on.
Joe would have been 81.
Joe was a sweet, loving and very kind man.
He loved McKinney, Texas.
Whenever he spoke of McKinney
his face took on a glow of peace,
his childhood, his friends, his memories
were many of those days in McKinney.
There was a deep longing in his voice
for some of those memories.
Some of those memories were with extreme joy,
while others seemed to carry regret.
As with all of us,
one could not have lived a full life
without a certain amount of regret.
I will miss Joe
and our talks,
when he sat down with us to visit
at the “Seasons” restaurant in Mabank, Texas.
Joe was proud of his wife Christine.
Joe loved Christine
with the deepest of love.
I myself, only have one regret
that I did not have more time
to know Joe Burton even more.
People like Joe are very special humans.
Sadly in this day and age
there are not enough
special people
to go around
for us all. 

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