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Courtesy of tatoodonkey.com

Courtesy of tatoodonkey.com

The words were hammered blows to my heart.
A stranger would dare not speak such words to me
crushing fists would they find quickly pounding their bodies.
The slap of the glove upon their face,
to face certain death on the field of honor.
The answer to your acts are simple enough,
you are an abuser of woman.
Your love of God and Jesus but a front
a lie to all.
Deep within your heart lies hate still pouring
on one who has loved you beyond all others.
A faithful friend
you no longer are to me.
I have seen your soul.
It is dark, black and ridden with the shit of the world
upon your lips.
Oh where, oh where did my love go.
You are without honor, heroism or truth in your declared love.

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