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It was yesterday at my favorite pizza place in McKinney, Texas
that you came forth and touched me.
There you were with long blond hair in a pony tail.
Tall, beautiful and bright as you approached me.
Your arms reached around my neck
your body pressed close to me
as you kissed my cheek.
Within me something stirred
a regretfully forgotten memory of long ago.
You said your name
as if I should have had immediate recall.
I did not.
My wife related that yes I should remember her
from thirty years ago in my life.
She was a member of my ex-wife’s family.
Still I do not remember her.
What a two-fold Blessing and Curse.
To be touched by Love from our past
and yet not recall such love from another time.
Still this day
I carry the memory
of being touched by Love.
It was truly wonderful. 

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