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Commentary on poem dated April 17th, 2014:  The wonderful part of poetry, to my way of thinking is that in looking back at a previous work of my own, I can see more meaning in the content of the work.  On this poem, it deals with our own outlook on life and how it changes constantly.  In my case, it is how we all live in a state of denial when it comes to relationships.  Many times we attempt to make them “more than they really are in their individual worth and value to us personally.”  Only by moving forward in life with a more open mind, do we find many who claim to love us and care about us, really are being dishonest with us, as we are dishonest with ourselves in how we perceive them.
A singular line horizontally drawn.
Above a blue sky.
a deep ocean of blue.
Is it the end of the world
or the beginning of another?
Standing still
there is no answer.
Only by moving forward
do we realize there is more
beyond a singular line.
Are they not one
and the same?

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