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Courtesy of philharras.wordpress.com

Courtesy of philharras.wordpress.com

This morning I thought of the Son I never had.
Today he would have been Fifty.
My son might have changed the world.
It would have been a better world
if my son had been born.
He may have been our President today.
It was fifty years ago
that at twenty-one
that my childhood bride
wanted to start a family.
It had only been a year
that I had been honorably discharged
from serving four years of military service.
It was a hard financial year for us both.
We were finally getting on our feet
with a new home and good jobs.
I told my child bride I wanted to wait. 
It was a month later
that she filed for a divorce.
It left me a shattered man
for a very long time.
There is no man
that lives a life
without some regrets.
Those regrets
seem to come
more often

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