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courtesy of maniacworld.com

The trees
nature speaking to us
reminding us of a time
in the past.
A time when
men and women
were closer to God.
Closer to the beauty
and sometimes the anger of nature
but still beauty in all of its glory.
Yes the trees still whisper
that we are still a part of all of this.
Nothing has replaced
our relationship with God.
All we need to do
is take the time
to listen to the trees.

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Courtesy of totalfilm.comToday I thought of all the people
that touched my life with love.
Many are names remembered
and many sadly names that have been forgotten.
To each of you I render my love
and eternal appreciation for sharing
a part of yourselves with me.
Many of you I will never see again in this life.
Many of you have passed from this life.
We shall all met again
in God’s Love in our forever time together.
Cocoons for a short flicker of light
before unfolding our wings in eternal flight.

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We are proud to announce that the WordPress site  “Spirit Filled Poetry”  aka https://spiritfilledpoetry.wordpress.com was chosen to be the “Top Editors’ Choice” for an international site called Bloggers.com.  Bloggers.com consists of thousands of blog websites across the world.  

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